bring into disrepute

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bring (something) into disrepute

To tarnish one's or something's reputation in some way. Don't bring my stellar reputation into disrepute with those lies! A few disgruntled patrons have brought the restaurant's reputation into disrepute with their negative online reviews.
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bring someone or something into disrepute

to dishonor or discredit someone or something. This embarrassing incident will bring the entire committee into disrepute. My bankruptcy brought me into disrepute.
See also: bring, disrepute
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We have never intended or attempted directly or indirectly to bring into disrepute the Election Commission, to try to challenge his authority.
shall be a person whose background is not likely to bring into disrepute the Miss England contest or title or the licensee or the promoter or any person associated with them.
How can you bring into disrepute a sport in which the world's top promoter is a convicted killer, where Britain's top promoter was shot?
2 states: "A member shall not make or cause to be made any statement or commit or cause to be committed any act which in the reasonable view of the WPBSA is likely to bring into disrepute the games of snooker and/or billiards.
Indeed, a selfish few bring into disrepute a welfare state intended to make Britain a fairer place and help all those who fall on hard times.