bring into contact with

bring (someone or something) into contact with (someone or something)

1. To introduce two people so that they can communicate in the future. In this usage, the first person is named after "bring" and the second person after "with." My best friend wants to get fit, so I brought her into contact with my personal trainer.
2. To cause something to physically touch something else. This usage can refer to both people and things. Don't bring that wire into contact with this one! I start sneezing any time I am brought into contact with pollen.
See also: bring, contact

bring someone or something into contact with someone or something

to cause things or people to touch or associate with one another. She hasn't been the same since I brought her into contact with the child who had chicken pox. Don't bring your hand in contact with the poison ivy. Don't bring him into contact with Fred.
See also: bring, contact
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7 : to bring into contact with <He laid the watch to his ear.