bring home

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bring (one) home

To return one to one's residence. You were supposed to bring Jenny home by 10—her mother and I were worried sick! Please bring me home, I'm not feeling well.
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bring (something) home (to someone)

1. Literally, to come home with something, such as a gift or treat (for someone). I knew you were sad to miss the dinner party, so I brought a dessert home to you.
2. To cause something to be more intimately acknowledged, recognized, or understood. Her passionate speech about the environment really brought the importance of conservation efforts home to me.
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bring home

Get to the heart of a matter, make perfectly clear. For example, The crash brought home the danger of drinking and driving. This term uses home in the figurative sense of "touching someone or something closely." [Second half of 1800s]
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bring home

To make perfectly clear: a lecture that brought home several important points.
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Cat owners may leave some of the home-brought prey undocumented, and cats do not bring home all of their prey (Kays & DeWan 2004, Loyd et al.
This study does, however, lessen the importance of the infections older children bring home.
So do we, sometimes well and sometimes ill, labor to bring home our belief in God's love to the stuff of our daily lives, the skin and bone of this world--and the sign of the cross helps us to remember that in God we have a companion on the road.
If Britains Ice skaters bring home medals from the Winter Olympics in February, they will have Birmingham craftsman Mr Stuart Pass to thank.
I have suggested we put up a tree in the bathroom, which has a standard eight-foot ceiling, but my wife fixes me with one of her dreaded "If-you-had-a-brain-you'd-take-it-out-and-play-with-it" looks, and each year I am obliged to bring home the tree on top of the car.
Once my MS had stabilized, my husband built a fenced run next to our family room and after reading books on puppy training we were ready to bring home an eight-week-old golden retriever.
But Floirendo said that, while this will be a big setback to his promise to bring home the bacon, 'the action of Alvarez will not hinder me from delivering my promise to my people.
To join, the sponsor must register through the Bring Home a Friend portal, which will be made accessible through the DOT's official website.
For every medal the Kiwis bring home Jetstar will offer 120 seats at $12 across the airline s domestic network.
Prince William is "150%" behind England's bid to bring home the World Cup ( but pleaded with the stars to spare him another nail-biting penalty shoot-out.
Many mothers say they never spend any of the money they earn on themselves and three-quarters admit they also need to bring home a wage to cover the costs of everyday living.
Many mothers say they ne ver spend any mone yon themselves and half of mothers say their reason for working is fulfilment,but three-quarters admit they also need to bring home a wage to cover the cost of living.
And hopes are high that Cork woman Sonia will bring home a gold medal from the 5,000-metre event on Monday week.