bring home

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bring (one) home

To return one to one's residence. You were supposed to bring Jenny home by 10—her mother and I were worried sick! Please bring me home, I'm not feeling well.
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bring (something) home (to someone)

1. Literally, to come home with something, such as a gift or treat (for someone). I knew you were sad to miss the dinner party, so I brought a dessert home to you.
2. To cause something to be more intimately acknowledged, recognized, or understood. Her passionate speech about the environment really brought the importance of conservation efforts home to me.
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bring home

Get to the heart of a matter, make perfectly clear. For example, The crash brought home the danger of drinking and driving. This term uses home in the figurative sense of "touching someone or something closely." [Second half of 1800s]
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bring home

To make perfectly clear: a lecture that brought home several important points.
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Cats did not bring home invertebrates but five cats were seen to catch them (one spider, four dragonflies, and two moths).
Earlier, His Majesty King Abdullah directed the government to take all measures necessary to bring home the bodies of Jordanians who died after the vehicle overturned in Saudi Arabia in an area near Mecca.
Skipton chief Andrew Barker said: "We know people are feeling the pinch, but we were surprised that families needed to bring home almost PS25,000 just to stand still."
"With their boyfriends and girlfriends, all my children know they can bring home whoever they like.
Chad Hartman led off the inning with a walk and, five batters later, Edinson Rincon singled to bring home Vincent Belnome, giving the Ems (13-15) a 4-0 lead that just barely stood up.
That should bring home the brutal truth that street gangs are a nasty and shocking symptom of the broken society.
It's very common for female cats to bring home prey.
''Over the next several months, we will bring home about 3,400 combat support forces -- including aviation personnel, explosive ordnance teams, combat and construction engineers, military police, and logistical support forces,'' he said.
/ But, remember, nothing should be overdone." Cheerful, cartoony illustrations help bring home the point in this invaluable and positive-minded book highly recommended for both children's library and children's private collections.
EACH year millions of travellers unknowingly bring home souvenirs made from endangered species.
She has started to bring home dead and alive mice and leaves them in the same place at the bottom of the stairs.
Preparations are being made to bring home the body of a North-east woman killed in a terrorist bombing in Turkey.
When Katy is almost eight, she accompanies her father on a trip to the countryside to bring home their new hired girl, Peggy, and briefly glimpses Peggy's "touched" younger brother, Jacob, who is 13.
If there were not another war to bring home, she wouldn't have had to.