bring (one) to justice

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bring (one) to justice

To punish one for a crime committed. My lawyer is confident that we can bring the man who stole my money to justice. The court must bring this criminal to justice.
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bring someone to justice

Fig. to punish someone for a crime. The police officer swore she would not rest until she had brought the killer to justice. Years later, the rapist was found out and finally brought to justice.
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bring somebody to ˈjustice

arrest somebody for a crime and put them on trial in a court of law: It is his job to bring the murderer to justice.
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References in classic literature ?
There is something monstrous, in a young girl declaring that it is her duty to pursue a murderer, and to bring him to justice! Don't you see it yourself?"
But for your lucky remark, we might never have been able to bring him to justice."
So it is state's responsibility to bring him to justice as none is above the law." BOAF president Kabir Chowdhury presided over the discussion on "Corruption of Former Chief Justice SK Sinha and Misuse of Power,"
I urge all the competent institutions and police agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina to step up in their cooperation in order to find the perpetrator as soon as possible and bring him to justice.
The chief minister also directed the police to immediately arrest the accused and bring him to justice. Expressing sorrow and grief after the incident, he expressed sympathies with the victim family and assured them all possible assistance.
They are requested to track him down and bring him to justice.
Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General (DG) Major General Asif Ghafoor reported that the Army Chief has directed for all-out support to the civil institutions concerned to catch the culprit and bring him to justice.
President Aoun underscored the significance letting the judicial authority be in pace with the security system in favor of anchoring local stability and security, stressing the necessity to catch any saboteur and bring him to justice. The President hailed the security and military performance and the national sacrifices made in this regard.
The Coalition called, in a press release, that the government should be clear with the public opinion , and to take necessary measures to ensure accounting the negligent and bring him to justice , least such practices which are far from any value or principle or law be repeated.
Detective Constable Laurence Green from Birmingham CID said: "We feel sure that someone will be able to recognise this man and help us to bring him to justice."
Ethan Hawke co-stars as the agent determined to bring him to justice.
Salome is offbeat and charming who in spite of the danger goes after an evil man to bring him to justice. Her reconciliation with her former spouse adds flavoring to a finely crafted mystery.
Detective Inspector Patrick Twiggs said: "We would like to praise The People for helping to bring him to justice.
To complain about going outside it to bring him to justice is naive.
Men and women like the agents who quietly investigated Robert Hanssen--their colleague and coworker--to reveal his activities and ultimately bring him to justice.