bring (someone) to heel

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bring (someone) to heel

To force someone to obey one's wishes or commands; to make someone act in accordance with one's authority. The CEO was quick to bring the junior board member to heel after the latter spoke out of turn at the annual general meeting. Sir, the members of your squad are all out of control. You need to bring them to heel right away!
See also: bring, heel

bring someone to heel

Fig. to cause someone to act in a disciplined fashion; to force someone to act in a more disciplined manner. She tried to bring her husband to heel, but he had a mind of his own. He was brought to heel by his demanding wife.
See also: bring, heel

bring to heel

Force to obey, subjugate. For example, The prisoners were quickly brought to heel. This term transfers commanding a dog to come close behind its master to similar control over human beings or affairs. [Second half of 1800s]
See also: bring, heel
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So, now they will punish him, bring him to heel, show him who's boss.
Only strong action like this will bring him to heel.
The BBC have a responsibility to bring him to heel a bit.
Perhaps cheeky Sarah Harding is just the girl to bring him to heel.
Israeli leader Ariel Sharon apparently assumed the world would buy his comparison that Yasir Arafat is "our bin Laden" and grant license to bring him to heel.
More recently Wenger has become embroiled in a bitter war with FA beaks who tried unsuccessfully to bring him to heel over his disciplinary record.
He cannot yet sack his Chancellor but he would be wise to bring him to heel before their animosity does any more damage.
A BARKING mad mongrel is having one-to-one sessions with a faith healer in a bid to bring him to heel.
This is a Russian who, one way or another, will silence dissidents and if the Scottish Professional Footballers' Association think they will bring him to heel then all those years heading footballs have taken a damaging toll.
Yes, SFA chief executive Jim Farry and I have had our run-ins but for the life of me I can't understand why there seems to be a move afoot to bring him to heel.