bring down to earth

bring (one) down to earth

To cause one who is fantasizing or being overly optimistic to remember or consider reality. I was excited to book a vacation until my nearly-depleted bank account brought me down to earth. Dean was thrilled to get into his dream school, but the realization that he would have to pay for it entirely on his own brought him down to earth.
See also: bring, down, earth

bring someone down to earth

Fig. to help someone face reality; to help someone who is euphoric become more realistic. The events helped bring us all down to earth. I hate to be the one to bring you down to earth, but things aren't as good as you think.
See also: bring, down, earth

bring somebody/come (back) down to ˈearth (with a ˈbang, ˈbump, etc.)

have to deal, or make somebody deal, with something unpleasant, especially after a time when things seemed to be going well or life was enjoyable: After such a wonderful trip, losing all her money certainly brought her back down to earth with a bump. ▶ ˌdown-to-ˈearth adj. (approving) sensible and practical: Even though she’s a movie star, she’s still friendly and down-to-earth.
See also: bring, come, down, earth, somebody