bring crashing down

bring (something) crashing down (around) (one)

1. Literally, to cause something to fall violently to the ground. (In this usage, "around (one)" is not usually part of the phrase.) On demolition day, a crew will bring that old building crashing down.
2. To cause a distressing failure, especially one that profoundly affects or disrupts one's life or identity. Getting laid off from my job brought everything crashing down around me.
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bring something crashing down (around one)

1. Lit. to cause a structure to collapse and fall (on oneself). He hit the tent pole and brought the tent crashing down. When she removed the last vertical board, she brought the shed crashing down around her.
2. Fig. to destroy something, such as one's life and well-being, that one has a special interest in; to cause someone's basic orientation to collapse. She brought her whole life crashing down around her.
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