bring back to life

bring (someone or something) back to life

1. Literally, to reanimate a person or animal that has died. The patient did die on the table, but we were able to use the defibrillator to bring her back to life. Unfortunately, the dog's injuries were so severe that the doctor could not bring him back to life.
2. By extension, to energize someone. A: "OK, schedule Tuesday's meeting, get John on the phone, and then come in my office so we can all discuss that big project." B: "Wow, that cup of coffee really brought you back to life!"
3. To revitalize something that has become dull or stale. The new CEO's creative approach really brought that failing company back to life.
See also: back, bring, life

bring someone (or an animal) back to life

 and bring someone (or an animal) back
to make someone or some living creature come back to life. There was nothing that would bring Jimmy's cat back. It was truly dead. Not even a magician could bring back the cat.
See also: back, bring, life

bring something back to life

Fig. to restore vitality to something, such as a performance, a story, etc. (See also bring someone or an animal back to life.) The third act of the play had a clever twist that brought the whole drama back to life.
See also: back, bring, life
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We want to bring back to life this beautiful T h e y believed their newly won status for The Exchange has provided new impetus for presenting performance activities - theatre, music, dance - in the Victorian building, which had been unused for two years.
e campaign calls on people to rediscover and bring back to life thousands of miles of derelict canals that fuelled the Industrial Revolution.
He said: "It is an unloved oce building which we are going to bring back to life.
This set of musicians will bring back to life the kind of classic rhythm and blues that first inspired Wyman to pick up the guitar as a teenager.
NATIONAL Trust attractions across Warwickshire are using Twitter accounts to bring back to life historic figures who used to call them home.
CONAN THE BARBARIAN 3D (15, 112 MINS) A group of warriors descend upon a village destroying everything in their path to find the final piece of a magical mask that will bring back to life the evil wife of warlord Khalar Zym (Stephen Lang).
I know that to survive Redcar must look to the future and regenerate what is a sad looking seafront, but why not bring back to life this gem from our past and maybe use again as the performance space we have been promised?
Leonardo Da Vinci was picked as the historical character in a museum most Welsh people would bring back to life while singers, writers and reality TV stars all ranked above politicians.
We worked hard with HPD to bring back to life the beautiful copper panels and to restore the building's elegant Corinthian terra cotta columns and arches.
The exhibition features 16 black and white images which capture and bring back to life the excitement of the age of the steelworks and collieries in the Houghton, Sunderland, Ryhope and the South Hetton area.
Recreation is rooted in to re-create: to bring back to life, to create anew.
Those seeking something like a precis of her methodology might skip to the end of the first section to read her Bourdieu tribute: "'To Quote,' Say the Kabyles, 'Is to Bring Back to Life.
In our opinion the theological condemnation of "quietism"--the mystical heresy par excellence--has to be connected to the longterm repression of practices and behaviors of persons--the aspiring saints-who had tried to bring back to life an already obsolete mystical model of "holiness.