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Tugay said six luxurious ships would bring 17,182 tourists to Marmaris in April, and Costa Pacifica would organize two cruises to Marmaris and bring around 7,500 tourists.
That would bring around pounds 500,000 into the FAW coffers.
Gateshead Council's chief executive, Sheena Ramsey, said the five-storey building could bring around 600 jobs to the area.
The drilling campaign is expected to bring around a further 50 billion cubic feet of gas on-stream.
Lake Torrent Motorsport will bring around 700 construction jobs to Coalisland, Co Tyrone, in the next 18 months.
The purchase price is USD6.32 per share, which represents a 16 percent premium over today's closing price, and will bring around USD46.6m in cash to Maxwell before transaction costs.
Research and development is thought to bring around PS220m and more than 500 jobs to the local economy.
The transaction is expected to bring around 10,000 new clients to NCI's pet insurance business, the company said.
The company is expanding its international logistics business alongside LG Electronics - a global leader in consumer electronics, mobile communications and home appliances - and the new operation has the potential to bring around 80 jobs to the local area.
A sustainable system has been evolved to bring around one million such children in the education net within next three years, the Vice-Chancellor said adding "initially this facility will be available at eight districts of the country.
Raise of tariffs for heating and electricity for certain categories of consumers will bring around 100 million som.
The new development would be a "second campus" for Swansea University and economists have estimated it bring around pounds 37m a year for the economy of Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot over the next decade or so.
Talking to Al-Hayat, a senior Egyptian source stated that there had been no breakthrough in talks as of yet, but there were strong hopes for progress to be made, claiming that Hamas were keen to reach a deal.Last week PNN reported that Hamas senior official Abu Marzouk believed that the internal situation in Israel, as protestors demanding social reforms continue to pile pressure on the government in the many 'tent cities' springing up around the country, will help bring around fertile ground for the renewal of the prisoner swap deal.
THE development of Crown House could bring around 150 jobs to the town, which could be Just The Job for you.
This move will help to bring around 500 employees back to work.