bring/ring down the curtain

bring down the curtain

(on something) Go to ring down the curtain (on something).
See also: bring, curtain, down

ring down (or up) the curtain

mark the end (or the beginning) of an enterprise or event.
The reference here is to the ringing of a bell in a theatre as the signal to raise or lower the stage curtain at the beginning or end of a performance. Compare with bring down the curtain on (at curtain).
See also: curtain, down, ring

bring/ring down the ˈcurtain (on something)


bring/ring the ˈcurtain down (on something)

bring an end to something: The BBC has finally decided to bring the curtain down on one of its oldest television programmes.
See also: bring, curtain, down, ring

ring down the curtain

To end a performance, event, or action.
See also: curtain, down, ring