bring/call/put something into play

bring something into play

1. Lit. [in a ball game] to put the ball into the action of the game, such as after a timeout. Fred brought the ball into play when he bounced it in from the sidelines.
2. Fig. [for the shares of a company] to become the subject of a takeover bid. The recent drop in the value of that stock brought the company into play. The company was brought into play by a news story about their new product line.
3. Fig. to cause something to become a factor in something. Now, this recent development brings some other factors into play. Something else was brought into play by the strange event.
See also: bring, play

bring something into play

cause something to begin to have an effect.
See also: bring, play, something

bring/call/put something into ˈplay

make something begin to work or operate; involve something in something: The exercise brings many skills into play.This latest decision calls many new factors into play.
See also: bring, call, play, put, something