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fire and brimstone

1. noun The misery that one faces in hell. Unrepentant criminals better prepare themselves for fire and brimstone after death.
2. noun Intense speech about the misery that one faces in hell. You're just scaring the kids with all this fire and brimstone.
3. adjective Describing such speech. You're just scaring the kids with all this fire and brimstone talk.
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rain fire and brimstone on (someone or something)

Likened to a punishment from God.
1. To inflict great suffering or destruction on someone or something, especially with a bombardment of bombs or projectiles. The general promised to rain fire and brimstone on the enemy soldiers. The warplanes have been raining fire and brimstone on the city throughout the night.
2. To express vehement, vitriolic criticism or reproach of someone or something. Politicians around the country have been raining fire and brimstone on the senator's dangerous claims. The manager rained fire and brimstone down on me for screwing up the accounts.
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fire and brimstone

the supposed torments of hell.
In the Bible, fire and brimstone are the means of divine punishment for the wicked (see, for example, Genesis 19:24 or Revelation 21:8). Brimstone (from the Old English word brynstan meaning ‘burning stone’) is an archaic word for ‘sulphur’ and is now rarely found outside this phrase.
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