brimming with

brim with (something)

To exhibit something, such as a trait or emotion, to a great degree. With our trip just days away, the kids are totally brimming with excitement. This song just brims with emotion.
See also: brim

brimming with something

Fig. full of some kind of happy behavior. The volunteer workers were brimming with goodwill. The smiling children were brimming with joy.
See also: brim
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Show Summer Boulevard After two weeks off, the Churchill Street cabaret venue has gone from being full of the joys of spring to brimming with summer love.
A convoluted plot keeps Tinera of Vieste brimming with surprises, even as it affirms the abiding and transcendent power of love.
A taut, fast-paced narrative brimming with edge-of-seat excitement.
Though each poem is brief, all are brimming with indefatigable human emotion.
It's brimming with useful stuff, including practical advice, auditioning tips, backstage etiquette, ballet history, and a big section on training safely.
Art educator Cherie Lynn hosts Rainy Day Art 2, an art adventurefor parents and kids brimming with colorful, inexpensive, easy-to-make "kid friendly" projects especially for young people ages 5 and up.
The region around Thebes, known as the Valley of the Kings, houses the most magnificent tombs of ancient Egypt, brimming with ancient mummies and artifacts.
An emotionally sweeping testimony, brimming with loss and longing in its gradual journey toward acceptance, Swimming With Maya presents its emotion in clear, raw terms that reach out to touch the heart.
New, 2002 Pitsco LEGO Dacta catalog is brimming with hundreds of hands-on, minds-on, mechanisms, interactive CD-ROMs, and stimulating books that introduce young learners to elementary engineering, programming, mechanics and mechanical design, space exploration, and more.
Bookshelves are brimming with millennial titles by both secular and religious publishers.
Brimming with energy, originality and killer vocals - there is little doubt that 2011 is going to be the year of The Kixx.
A witty, insightful chronicle brimming with wisdom, experience, and more than a few life lessons learned the hard way.
Princeton University teacher Linda Gregg's sixth poetry collection, In the Middle Distance is an anthology of brief, free-verse creations brimming with passion, desire, and spiritual questions.