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full to the brim

Completely full; teeming; having no room to spare. I've got so many meetings and deadlines these days that my schedule is full to the brim! Her mind was full to the brim with ideas for her new book. I felt full to the brim after my grandmother's Thanksgiving meal.
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brim over

1. Of a liquid, to flow over the top of a container. Turn off the burner before the soup brims over!
2. To exhibit something, such as a trait or emotion, to a great degree. With our trip just days away, the kids are totally brimming over with excitement. This song just brims over with emotion.
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brim with (something)

To exhibit something, such as a trait or emotion, to a great degree. With our trip just days away, the kids are totally brimming with excitement. This song just brims with emotion.
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brim over (with something)

 and brim with something
to overflow with something. The basket was brimming over with flowers. I was brimming with confidence after my recent success.
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brimming with something

Fig. full of some kind of happy behavior. The volunteer workers were brimming with goodwill. The smiling children were brimming with joy.
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filled to the brim

filled all the way full; filled up to the top edge. I like my coffee cup filled to the brim. If the glass is filled to the brim, I can't drink without spilling the contents.
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filled to the brim

As full as possible; also, completely satisfied. For example, We're filled to the brim with excitement. This expression transfers the idea of a container filled to the very top. W.S. Gilbert used it in the comic opera The Mikado (1885): "Three little maids from school are we, Filled to the brim with girlish glee." [c. 1600]
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n. a hat. Man, that is one fine brim you got.
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Fallon, though slightly too heavy to do the weight on Brimming, gained compensation when the William Jarvis-trained Dhirina landed the seven- furlong maiden cosily.
Legorreta's use of colour to emphasize the plane, and his attachment to brimming sheets and channels of water recall Barragan (the latter reaching back to ancient traditions of Moorish gardens).
Fallon, riding the 6-4 favourite Brimming in the concluding Soar Maiden Stakes, was drawn in trap four while Up The Wall, the mount of Daly, was scheduled to be launched from stall six.
If they haven't been there for awhile, they're in for a surprise - the city is brimming with activities to do.
An enthusiastically written collection, brimming with energy and the vivacious need for expression.
A colorful story, brimming with imaginative characters, inventive ideas, and just plain fun.
A serious, small-town novel brimming with gut-wrenching pathos that irresistibly compels the reader to turn the pages.
The Foundation says the problem was more prevalent among goods vehicles and buses, as cars tended to be better maintained and had more effective systems to prevent brimming.
And Anne Cole(R) showcases a sparkling array of new swim styles brimming with their brilliance.
He added: "There are quite a few rivers around England and Wales not quite flooding properly but brimming the edge of their banks.