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full to the brim

Completely full; teeming; having no room to spare. I've got so many meetings and deadlines these days that my schedule is full to the brim! Her mind was full to the brim with ideas for her new book. I felt full to the brim after my grandmother's Thanksgiving meal.
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brim over

1. Of a liquid, to flow over the top of a container. Turn off the burner before the soup brims over!
2. To exhibit something, such as a trait or emotion, to a great degree. With our trip just days away, the kids are totally brimming over with excitement. This song just brims over with emotion.
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brim with (something)

To exhibit something, such as a trait or emotion, to a great degree. With our trip just days away, the kids are totally brimming with excitement. This song just brims with emotion.
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brim over (with something)

 and brim with something
to overflow with something. The basket was brimming over with flowers. I was brimming with confidence after my recent success.
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brimming with something

Fig. full of some kind of happy behavior. The volunteer workers were brimming with goodwill. The smiling children were brimming with joy.
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filled to the brim

filled all the way full; filled up to the top edge. I like my coffee cup filled to the brim. If the glass is filled to the brim, I can't drink without spilling the contents.
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filled to the brim

As full as possible; also, completely satisfied. For example, We're filled to the brim with excitement. This expression transfers the idea of a container filled to the very top. W.S. Gilbert used it in the comic opera The Mikado (1885): "Three little maids from school are we, Filled to the brim with girlish glee." [c. 1600]
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n. a hat. Man, that is one fine brim you got.
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Wide brimmed hats look sensational on a tall slim figure, but this will also create shadow and darken a pretty face, which is a disadvantage if you want to get the paparazzi busy snapping your photograph.
A large down turned brimmed hat with a soft wide trim will look absolutely stunning on you.
To prevent sunburn, dress infants in lightweight pants, long-sleeve shirts and brimmed hats.
Round face shapes should avoid small hats that are fitted to the face but rather choose a large brimmed hat with a high crown that will slim the silhouette.
Get that camera ready because kids in brimmed sun hats look simply adorable and the lucky little devils can get away with virtually any style and colour -so why not go shopping for Junior and indulge your own colour fetish?
Amber chose a huge brimmed raffia number and Erica went for a wild spring floral affair.