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A Warwick spokesman said: 'This is our first year and we decided to send our three brightest pupils to America to kick-start what we hope will become an exchange scheme.
They see the profession as suffering from a"brain drain" as the best and brightest of society are seeking careers in professions other than teaching (Labaree 1996 and 1999; McNergeny and Herbert, 1997).
War in a Time of Peace is organized much like The Best and The Brightest, with personality profiles interspersed throughout as the author bounces between the developing scene in the Balkans and the political and military situations at home.
The selection, recognition and awarding of Chicago's 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For[TM] allows businesses to showcase their best practices and demonstrate why each of them would be an ideal place for employees to work.
The NABR's Best and Brightest Companies to Work For(TM) competition identifies and honors companies that excel at employee relations, use innovation to motivate employees, implement creative compensation programs as well as other attributes.
And why are those charged with overseeing city workers -- presumably the best and the brightest among the best and the brightest -- doing such a poor job of managing their workplaces?
In this article, we'll help you develop strategies to lure the best and brightest job candidates in this new and booming economy.
FOUR of the brightest objects in the night sky come together tomorrow to stage a dramatic celestial spectacle which will not be repeated for 20 years.
On behalf of the building owners, I am thrilled be a part of this vital civic endeavor to restore a piece of New York history and give a whole new generation the chance to experience this rich landmark," said Jeff Gural: "The generosity of Janice Levin and Karen Cohen has restored one of the brightest lights on Broadway to its original splendor and its rightful place on the New York City skyline.
Britain's brightest children could be taught over the Internet by Nobel Prize-winning academics, MPs recommended yesterday.
Another cool comet is coming our way, just 11 months after Comet Hyakutake, the brightest comet to light up our skies in years, wowed observes last spring.
When Michael Lewis describes the corrupt lunacy at Finley, Kumble, he reminds us that we cannot continue to countenance the diversion of more of our best and brightest into the morally marginal or positively harmful activities that constitute the principal pursuits of our major law firms any more than we could continue to accept the disastrous follies that another legion of the best and brightest committed on Wall Street during the eighties.
Headspring Honored with "Best and Brightest Companies to Work For[TM]" Award by the National Association for Business Resources (NABR) for Its Positive Impact on the Community and Its Employees
The nation's largest independent specialty pharmacy has been selected as one of Michigan's Best and Brightest in Wellness for the third year in a row.
SKY-watchers in the North-East are in for an unexpected treat, with the sudden appearance of the brightest comet in decades.