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Connected solutions such as next generation Brighter One can be integrated into Brighter's platform The Benefit Loop, in which patient data is continuously combined with additional relevant data to improve treatment and quality of life.
Brighter World Lighting is a dynamic lighting company that focuses on superior lighting technology and solutions.
As a council, we have been working with Brighter Foods to develop their plans, and we are delighted that they have come to fruition.
The team at Brighter have a real enthusiasm for the tourism product in Iceland and so we look forward to progressing with an exciting PR campaign throughout 2013.
The problem is not harder working, brighter children, it is dumb downed exams that have little test of the subject which is why so many employers are critical of the literacy and numeracy skills of school leavers.
Contact Brighter Living Partnership on 01704 501024.
Vida talks of Hannah's death as "the most traumatic occurrence of her life", yet she felt "compelled to put together" her book - Brighter Days.
The centre is named after Diane Engelhardt, wife of Admiral insurance Chief Executive Henry Engelhardt, following her significant personal contribution to the Building Brighter Futures Appeal, which helped turn the idea into a reality.
I've spoken to her - she had a good night and she is a lot brighter," said Mr Clifford.
The Brighter Side of Death" is a work of deep philosophy, offering a personal memoir that seeks to answer the question that plagues all of our minds from time to time.
Bank of America is teaming with Brighter Planet to offer a new Visa credit card that helps customers invest in the development of clean, renewable energy projects.
Since 1985, the NY*NJ*CT chapter has been offering hope and a brighter future for seriously ill children and their families throughout the tri-state area.
Several families will have brighter holidays this year, thanks to the efforts of Encino-Oaks Republican Women Federated.
They represent the first graduating class from the Brighter Choice Charter School for Boys and the companion Brighter Choice Charter School for Girls.
These products include reflective polarizers, known as brightness-enhancement filters, which are applied to electronic screens for laptops, cell phones, camcorders, rear-projection televisions, and air-traffic control systems to make LCDs brighter, more uniformly lit, and easier to read.