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brighten up (the) day

To make a situation more pleasant or enjoyable; to make one happier. Finding $20 on my way home really brightened up my day! Janice is such a good friend. Talking to her always brightens up the day.
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brighten up

1. To add color, light, and/or cheer to a space (perhaps one that is dim, dark, or gloomy). I can't wait for the flowers I planted to blossom into beautiful colors and brighten up our yard. A new paint color really brightened up that old house.
2. To make something lighter in color. I'm thinking of brightening up my hair with some blonde highlights. It really looks like rain right now—I'd wait to go out until the sky brightens up a bit.
3. To become happier in mood, especially after one has been glum or sad. Your mother really brightened up when she got the flowers you sent.
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brighten up

to become brighter; to lighten, especially with sunshine. The sky is brightening up a little. When the morning sky brightens up just a little, the birds begin to sing.
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brighten up

1. To become brighter or more intense in color: The sky brightened up quickly as the clouds dispersed.
2. To make something brighter or more intense in color: Some red paint will brighten up this dreary room. Put some yellow into the dye to brighten it up.
3. To become happier; improve one's mood or outlook: He brightened up after you began talking with him.
4. To make someone happier or more cheerful: The sunny weather brightened up the tired travelers. A cool glass of lemonade would brighten me up right now.
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Equitance skincare regimen Equitance Skincare regimen focuses on 5 steps: 1) Cleanse (Brightening Foaming Cleanser), 2) Enhance (Brightening Toning Lotion), 3) Brighten (Brightening Serum + Spot Corrector), 4) Moisturize (Hydrating Brightening Cream) and 5) Protect (Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 36).
It brightens up the city, and anything that brightens up the place is good, because it doesn't really look like the Capital of Culture.
Ruth Staff, from Groundwork Coventry, said: "The idea is to clean up and brighten up the area and give it an uplift.
Although Comet Hyakutake may dim as it dives south and moves away from Earth, astronomers expect the icy body to brighten again by May 1 as it ventures within 32 million km of the sun.
The wall also has a door to a guest room, and a high interior window that brightens a bathroom while assuring privacy.
With Artistry Ideal Radiance(TM) Illuminating CC Cream, our scientists have created a solution that does more than cover visible dark spots -- it conveniently helps brighten and perfect skin's appearance in one single step.
It has a gain-up control that senses a low-light setting and brightens itself to compensate.
Designed to promote more beautiful skin all over the body - not just on the face - each product is chock-a-block with powerful ingredients that repair, brighten, and prevent aging caused by cumulative daily sun damage.
The new findings rely on the phenomenon of gravitational lensing, in which a massive foreground object bends and brightens light from an object that lies behind it.
Nintendo brightens the interactive entertainment industry with the announcement of a new colored series of Nintendo 64 consoles.
elure Advanced Brightening Lotion : Melanozyme(TM) brightens, softens, and retexturizes skin morning and night.
Nothing brightens our holiday spirits like a home dressed up for the holidays.
Using as evidence the measured ratios of the isotopes carbon-12 and carbon-13 in the graphite grains, the researchers argue tht the graphite may have formed in the outflows from carbon-rich, red-giant stars or in the envelope of matter abruptly expelled when a star rapidly brightens to become a nova.
elure safely brightens the entire face without hydroquinone, while the multi-functional laser offerings allow our patients to achieve their skincare goals.
Pang points out that, as the dawn rises, the sky brightens by a factor of a million.