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brighten up

1. To add color, light, or cheer to a space (perhaps one that is dim, dark, or gloomy). I can't wait for the flowers I planted to blossom into beautiful colors and brighten up our yard. A new paint color really brightened up that old house.
2. To make something lighter in color. I'm thinking of brightening up my hair with some blonde highlights. It really looks like rain right now—I'd wait to go out until the sky brightens up a bit.
3. To become happier in mood, especially after one has been glum or sad. Your mother really brightened up when she got the flowers you sent.
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brighten up (the) day

To make a situation more pleasant or enjoyable; to make one happier. Finding $20 on my way home really brightened up my day! Janice is such a good friend. Talking to her always brightens up the day.
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brighten up

to become brighter; to lighten, especially with sunshine. The sky is brightening up a little. When the morning sky brightens up just a little, the birds begin to sing.
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brighten up

1. To become brighter or more intense in color: The sky brightened up quickly as the clouds dispersed.
2. To make something brighter or more intense in color: Some red paint will brighten up this dreary room. Put some yellow into the dye to brighten it up.
3. To become happier; improve one's mood or outlook: He brightened up after you began talking with him.
4. To make someone happier or more cheerful: The sunny weather brightened up the tired travelers. A cool glass of lemonade would brighten me up right now.
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Regionally, the Food Brightener market report covers the key regions such as North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East & Africa.
However, some brighteners can cause allergic reactions when in contact with skin, depending on the individual.
Discoloration of plastics may be altered by adding small amount (normally 5-100 ppm) of an optical brightener (also called a fluorescent whitening agent).
Marked flies were fed Fluorescent Brightener 28: honey mixture, while control (unmarked) flies where fed honey.
In addition, a colorless tracing agent, called an optical brightener (Tinopal CBS-X), was used.
There has been concern that bleaching and other agents in commercial deck washes and brighteners could aggressively leach chromated copper arsenate (CCA) components from treated wood.
following an inspection of its manufacturing facility in Irvine, CA in late 2015 and a review of its three websites (, and in early 2016 where it sells Ageless Derma Stem Cell and Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Cream and Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener Cream products.
"Rising demand in Asia-Pacific is the major growth driver for Optical Brightener market "
The collection includes five essential high-quality products: Feel The Moment[TM] Anti-Aging Primer Serum with Heavenly Luxe[TM] Sensory Sweeping Fan Brush, Celebration Foundation[TM] Illumination with Heavenly Luxe[TM] Double Airbrush Foundation Brush, and Eyelift in a Tube[TM] Bye Bye Under Eye[R] and Hello Light[TM] Liquid Brightener Dual End Concealer.
Supply of 200 tons optical brightener. A one ton sample need be submitted.
Porcelana also has launched three more products to help improve skin appearance: Porcelana Dark Circle Treatment, Porcelana Stretch Mark Treatment and Porcelana Daily SkinTone Brightener.
If you have yet to try a brightener then choose a budget product and experiment with it.