bright spark

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bright spark

A person who is regarded as clever or intelligent. The term can also be used sarcastically to mean the opposite. Primarily heard in UK, Australia, New Zealand. Timmy's the bright spark of the family—he graduated at the top of his class. Some bright spark at the auto repair shop forgot to tighten the lugnuts on my wheels after he rotated my tires.
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a bright spark

mainly BRITISH
A bright spark is a clever person. But the girl from Dublin is not just a pretty face. The bright spark is studying archaeology and the history of art at UCD. Some bright spark at the club seems to think that the best way to attract young fans is to turn the football stadium into a theme park for the day. Note: This expression is usually used to mean the opposite, referring humorously to a person with stupid ideas.
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bright spark

a clever person (often used ironically to or of a person who has done something you consider stupid). British informal
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(a) bright ˈspark

(British English, informal, often ironic) a lively and intelligent person: What bright spark (= stupid person) left the front door open all night?
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The Bright Spark Scholarship, developed by Young Pioneers, is designed to empower vulnerable young people to overcome adversity, giving them valuable life and business skills to help them break out of their circumstances and be inspired to achieve their full potential.
On the field, David Hoilett was the one bright spark yesterday.
Fixture clash cock-up Which bright spark scheduled yesterday's only two race meetings in Britain at Doncaster and Market Rasen?
He observed a bright spark near the helicopter, which then dove toward the freeway, impacting the pavement directly in front of him.
Bright Spark Award (Part I): Golfing prodigy Rhys Davies.
Des Morris, and his wife Eunice, made the six-hour journey to the competition with their home-bred yearling, Dovevale Bright Spark, who had already won the overall champion Sports Horse at Pembroke County in the yearling, two and three-year-old class.
BACK in the 1960s some bright spark had the idea of making Joe Brown the chirpy Cockney answer to clean-living Cliff Richard, with dodgy novelty hits, ballads and a band called The Bruvvers.
There's probably some bright spark at the BBC who believes the corporation is busy shifting its focus to "the regions".
PLEASE could someone tell me who is the bright spark who decided to alter the road between the roundabouts at Newport Road, St Mellons?
She was a very pretty and intelligent foal, a real bright spark.
I WONDER if the bright spark in some office ever thought what would happen when smokers have to go outside buildings to smoke.
Due to kick off their league campaign at Toluca last Sunday some bright spark arranged a glamour friendly with Barcelona in Los Angeles the same day.
A BRIGHT spark has come up with the idea of visiting Ireland's 80 lighthouses to raise money for charity.