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heavy brigade

A group of heavily armed soldiers. The US is reportedly sending in a heavy brigade to quell unrest in the region.
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heavy mob

A large group of people, especially one inclined toward violence or unrest. As the demonstration began, a heavy mob of masked men fell upon us and began assaulting anyone carrying a protest sign.
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the ˈheavy mob/brigade

(British English, informal) a group of strong, often violent people employed to do something such as protect somebody: I had to laugh when he turned up at the meeting with his heavy mob, as if he was a mafia boss or something.
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He said fire brigade was a sensitive department as it performs the important duty of saving the lives and property of citizens in case of any casualty and therefore no negligence or carelessness could be tolerated in its works.
The Apache was being prepped for participation in the Combat Aviation Brigade's gunnery exercise.
This is essential to give such equipment to fire brigade which are used all over the world for extinguishing fire, he said and added that fire brigade is an important department and it is necessary for a city as big as Karachi where high rise buildings and industry zones are located and it is very important for fire brigade every second if fire erupts in the city.
At the same time, Eighth Brigade will be looking to pull an upset against unbeaten Rangers Regiment who topped Pool B' with 10 points, the highest in the competition so far.
He thanked the state government for providing the temporary headquarters for the 63 brigade and requested for more support to secure a permanent site for the brigade and the battalions in Koko and Oleh.
In 1971, airborne operations by the Independent Para Brigade accelerated the momentum of operations leading to surrender of Pakistan Armed Forces at Dacca.
The Jewish Brigade used British Army trucks to ferry refugees to Italian ports en route to Palestine.
There are several ways this last engineer platoon can be used more effectively within the brigade. One way is to remove the route clearance mission from its mission-essential task list.
Whether you are the junior analyst in the S-2 or the ranking major in the brigade, no one individual can provide situational understanding to the commander 24/7 for a combat training center (CTC) rotation, let alone a nine-month deployment.
The two brigades were in addition to one Brigade recently deployed in South Kashmir, Kashmir Media Service (KMS) reported.
Caridad Fersway, a 60-year-old grandmother, said the tasks of the women's brigade include making sure that computer shops also close their doors once the curfew starts.
The event marks the 150th anniversary of the formation of South Shields Volunteer Life Brigade.
As our Army continues to transition from years of counterinsurgency centric operations, the mission of the brigade combat team Signaleers remains the same, "ensure the commander can always securely communicate." At the epicenter of this mission is the command support relationship between the BCT signal officer (S6) and the brigade signal company commander.