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bridle at (someone or something)

To show that one has been offended, displeased, or angered by someone or something. Of course I bridled at his condescending tone—I'm the president of a major corporation!
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bridle at someone or something

Fig. to show that one is offended by someone or something. She bridled at the suggestion that she should go. Tony bridled at Max. Max was going to have to be dealt with.
See also: bridle
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The variability in bottom-tending performance of the bridles 40 m from the wing tip may have the highest impact on the catchability of the trawl because the BCS at the 25 m position was always on the bottom and the BCS at the 50 m position was always off the bottom.
Harris said: "The horse had the bridle on in the paddock but nobody said a word to me.
He makes and sells to Australia, the US and all parts of Europe the most exquisite leather goods you could wish for -and to get a good fit for a show bridle, John doesn't ask for measurements -just age, sex and stud prefix.
This Amnesty is a partnership between Jobson and internationally-renowned 1V Horse, manufacturers of English bridles.
Atlantic cod are apparently stimulated to herd by the sight of the trawl doors and the mudclouds that form in the wake of the doors, whereas flatfish are stimulated to herd by the close proximity or actual touch of the doors and lower bridles as they sweep along the bottom (Hemmings, 1969; High, 1969; Martyshevskii and Korotkov, 1969; Main and Sangster, 1981a, 1981b).
I found it useful to read the Bridles book prior to the Silver book because of the in-depth chapter on "The Spread of the Horse in North America, 1494-1800".
There is another way to calculate three-point bridle lengths--one that uses the Pythagorean theorem, the same formula used to calculate the lengths of two-point bridles.
Let's start with additions to Consigliere's basic bridle, beginning with blinkers.
Keith Raine, Go Wansbeck programme manager, said: "We're very pleased to be able support Bridles, Buttons & Breeches.
In the meantime, Brooks is applying her good fortunes to various causes close to her heart, including donating one of her bridles to an Irish woman who used it on her horse as she rode across India to raise funds for abused animals.
HORSE enthusiasts are being asked to be wary of anyone selling saddles or bridles under unusual circumstances.
The Bridles at Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd boasts an elegant, spacious dining room, which serves up unrivalled views on a plate.
Abstract--Whole-gear efficiency (the proportion of fish passing between the otter doors of a bottom trawl that are subsequently captured) was estimated from data collected during experiments to measure the herding efficiency of bridles and doors, the capture efficiency of the net, and the length of the bridles sufficiently close to the seafloor to elicit a herding response.
A thoroughly "kid friendly" introduction and guide to all the basics of horsemanship, My First Horse And Pony Book: From Breeds And Bridles To Jodhpurs And Jumping is ideal for young readers, especially those learning to care for and/or ride a pony or a horse of their own.
Stiff plaid bridles against the exotic/erotic tiger stripe, and swatches of doughnut shapes, checkerboards, and floral motifs become just as "tribal" as the more "ethnic" patterns with which they share territory.