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bridle at (someone or something)

To show that one has been offended, displeased, or angered by someone or something. Of course I bridled at his condescending tone—I'm the president of a major corporation!
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bridle at someone or something

Fig. to show that one is offended by someone or something. She bridled at the suggestion that she should go. Tony bridled at Max. Max was going to have to be dealt with.
See also: bridle
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This value was assumed to be constant for all three bridle lengths and both vessels.
In the technology section, Bridle reveals the inner workings of his project, citing the specific computer programs and data sources he used to construct it.
The council said they received a legal challenge over the gate and bridle board and so had to remove it.
There are other locations where horses could be taken for a walk nearby the Horse Racing Complex or the Bahrain International Endurance Village, so there is no need for the bridle path in Zallaq," said area councillor Bader Al Dossary, who is also technical committee chairman.
Lucky Bridle also showed up well when only narrowly beaten on a Flat outing last month, finding it all happening a bit quick before staying on with purpose to be beaten just half a length over 10 furlongs.
8220;The bridle is ideal for use by emergency services in both industrial and technical rope rescue applications and environments,” said Ashley Campbell, National Training & Rescue Manager for Capital Safety.
Chester Road was closed in both directions at its junction with Bridle Lane causing long delays for motorists during the rush hour.
But by the end, with lunchtime beckoning, Coun Bridle let rip taking a rather different view to impending cuts than that of her Labour colleagues.
The large silent ball spooks horses on the nearby bridle path - I have walked that path many many times a week for several years and I am yet to see a horse.
Paul Bridle was one of the most inspiring speakers at the Cheers' recent Beverage Conference.
The simplest, and most common, type of bridle is a two-point bridle.
Users sometimes refer to this sling as the 30-ft heavyweight black/white sling with bridle.
It's the same in either field, really, as you can only rush forward once you understand the core ideas," says the inventor of the Nurtural Bitless Bridle.
Tie each end of the 10-foot-long bridle string to the bridle holes in your kite.
Somerton and Munro (2001) proposed a modification to Dickson's (1993a) model for application to flatfish to account for the observation that flatfish herding is restricted to the length of the lower bridle that is sufficiently close to the bottom to elicit a behavioral response (Main and Sangster, 1981b).