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Other bridging systems maintained, constructed, and inspected by the 132d Engineers include the improved ribbon, dry support, and rapidly emplaced military bridges, as well as civilian bridges.
Most sources contacted for this story agreed that production-halting bridging problems occur at the entrance to the charge box when a piece of oversized material (most often a large cardboard box) is unable to enter because it is too wide or has fallen at an awkward angle, dogging the entrace to the charge box.
"By combining the bridging and access functionalities into a single product," said Sarah Kim, a wireless technology analyst at the Yankee Group, "Vivato extends its core product offering to small and mid-sized businesses, while simultaneously enabling its larger customer to scale Vivato-specific functionalities at a lower total cost of ownership."
Bridging as a mental activity is the most common way we use the word "bridge" in human relations.
Despite the success of the bridging strategies, a barrier awaits the regrowing axons at the point where the bridges end.
When cold charge material in the top portion of the furnace does not come in contact with the molten metal at the bottom of the furnace, an extremely dangerous condition, known as "bridging," may exist [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
With the recent Trinity Bridge in Salford for example (AR March 1996), two distinct areas of the city were joined together, bridging the physical and social divide between the local populace.
They are carrying out research for the upcoming Bridging the World exhibition at the Transporter Bridge Visitor Centre, which celebrates the area's bridge building heritage.
First, the bridging company set up the staging portion of the bridgeworks, which acted as a launching mechanism for the boom of the hydraulic excavator.