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On a single day, we sold 1,700 tickets, on another we sold 1,200 and when you consider that on an average day we will sell around 300 to 400 tickets, that proves just how big Brick Up has been.
And the thing that Brick Up has in common with those shows is that it is a Liverpool comedy for a Liverpool audience.
But Brick Up has a pop back at them on our behalf and I think that's one of the things that people enjoy most about it.
But the runaway success of Brick Up has come at a price, as Nicky knows only too well.
We're looking at our options," is all Kevin Fearon will reveal, before adding in true marketing style: "But Lost Soul, another Liverpool-set play by Dave Kirby, begins on August 31 so, if you liked Brick Up, come and see that.
BEAMING: Royal Court chief executive Kevin Fearon; GLOWING: Brick Up writers Nicky Allt (left) and Dave Kirby, whose comedy is the most successful Liverpool show for a generation