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bribe (someone) into (doing something)

To use a gift or reward to entice someone into doing something. With the promise of candy, I was able to bribe my little sister into cleaning my room. No amount of money will bribe me into abandoning my morals, sir!
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bribe someone into doing something

to pay money to get someone to do something. You can't bribe me into doing anything! Max bribed Lily into leaving early.
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Consequently, as corruption becomes more arbitrary, firms should pay smaller bribes.
The culprits were quoted as admitting to prosecutors that they used to take bribes to have cars that had failed in roadworthiness tests, to be retested and given roadworthiness certificates.
The police topped the list of public services most often demanding a bribe while 38pc of the poorest surveyed said they paid a bribe, which is the highest proportion of any income group.
The World Bank estimates that more than USD1 trillion in bribes is paid each year out of a world economy of USD30 trillion -3 percent of the world's economy (Labelle, 2006).
So the probability a student bribes, conditional on the explanatory variables taking some set of values, is given by the following expression:
Blazer said bribes and kickbacks were also commonplace in the CONCACAF tournaments run in North and Central America and the Caribbean.
Extortionary harassment bribes are distortive when they are not paid, because a justified and presumably welfare-enhancing licence is then not issued.
In most cases, bribes were paid to obtain public procurement contracts (57%), followed by clearance of customs procedures (12%).
According to the survey, bribes were usually solicited by corrupt government officials rather than initiated by the giver.
One in three Ukrainians in 2013 said they personally found themselves in a bribe situation in the past year, up from 23% in 2009, the last full year of Viktor Yuschenko's presidency.
The same story is repeated at the power department where a government official seeks bribes for installing a meter connection.
Summary: A manager of a company has been charged with collecting bribes totalling Dh1 million from the manager (identified as K.
This paper draws on unique insights about the nature of bribe payments to determine the factors driving the composition of bribes (whether cash or non-cash) and their timing (whether prepayment or payment at the time of 'service').
9 billion in 2012, despite the fact that fewer people are being forced to pay bribes, a new report from the U.
after pleading guilty in Worcester Superior Court to charges of accepting bribes.