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bribe (someone) into (doing something)

To use a gift or reward to entice someone into doing something. With the promise of candy, I was able to bribe my little sister into cleaning my room. No amount of money will bribe me into abandoning my morals, sir!
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bribe someone into doing something

to pay money to get someone to do something. You can't bribe me into doing anything! Max bribed Lily into leaving early.
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The case of the briber was set aside for this analysis.
As with the briber, the judge will calculate expected loss by
The book's third and fourth reasons why corruption is always bad focus on the effects produced on the briber and bribee.
These anthropological reports show that the public, ritualistic, and relational aspects of the gift protect society from unscrupulous bribers and bribe-takers.
He's an extortionist, he's a briber, he likes to fight .
So Congress may be the "best briber," to use a phrase of Calabresi's.
And, after many such encounters, he begins to marvel at this extraordinary personage - "Rine the runner and Rine the gambler and Rine the briber and Rine the lover and Rinehart the Reverend.
Adaptee d'un texte de Rochdi Redouane, avec une scenographie signee Mourad Bouchehir, la piece est [beaucoup moins que] une comedie noire, truffee de scenes loufoques et de passages invitant a la meditation [beaucoup plus grand que], a precise Briber au cours d'une conference de presse organisee au TRC.
needed] for legal measures to be taken against the briber and bribed.
11) The briber bypasses the competition with other bidders and obtains from the agent a favorable off-market deal with the government.
It also strikes me that if you accuse someone of accepting bribes you should identify the briber who is clearly more at fault than the bribed in my opinion.
The hard truth is that in many cases both the briber and the bribed are corrupt.
If a judge accepts a payment to decide a case in a certain way, we think corruption is present even if the judge would decide the same way without the payment, and even if the judge is so conscientious that he never accepts a payment unless he has already determined to decide the case the way the briber wishes.