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bribe (someone) into (doing something)

To use a gift or reward to entice someone into doing something. With the promise of candy, I was able to bribe my little sister into cleaning my room. No amount of money will bribe me into abandoning my morals, sir!
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bribe someone into doing something

to pay money to get someone to do something. You can't bribe me into doing anything! Max bribed Lily into leaving early.
See also: bribe
References in classic literature ?
A little while ago he offered to give it to me--another bribe to accept him.
When Jacob--who was incapable of comprehending nobility of character--still doubting, still fearing, insisted upon "finding grace with my lord" by the bribe of a present of cattle, what did the gorgeous son of the desert say?
These bribe and invite; not kings, not palaces, not men, not women, but these tender and poetic stars, eloquent of secret promises.
They probably think I am offering them the grain to bribe them to remain here, while I myself go away leaving them to the mercy of the French," thought Princess Mary.
spent ten thousand pounds and failed because he did not bribe enough.
The Tories bribe, you know: Hawley and his set bribe with treating, hot codlings, and that sort of thing; and they bring the voters drunk to the poll.
I won't threaten," he said, "and I won't offer to bribe you, but I've got to have that week's grace.
I don't wish to bribe you, but I'll give you my heartiest kiss, and promise to eat every crumb of the loaf myself.
It was a bribe," father protested; and Ernest nodded.
It is the bribe for living, the champagne of the blood, the effervescence of the ferment--that makes some men think holy thoughts, and other men to see God or to create him when they cannot see him.
I did not take bribes, you see, so I was bound to find a recompense in that, at least.
The enemy's spies who have come to spy on us must be sought out, tempted with bribes, led away and comfortably housed.
For bribes come but now and then; but if importunity, or idle respects, lead a man, he shall never be without.
He had taken the bribes indeed, but they had made no difference to his judgments.
For example, they are the thieves, burglars, cutpurses, footpads, robbers of temples, man-stealers of the community; or if they are able to speak they turn informers, and bear false witness, and take bribes.