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bribe (someone) into (doing something)

To use a gift or reward to entice someone into doing something. With the promise of candy, I was able to bribe my little sister into cleaning my room. No amount of money will bribe me into abandoning my morals, sir!
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bribe someone into doing something

to pay money to get someone to do something. You can't bribe me into doing anything! Max bribed Lily into leaving early.
See also: bribe
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The retired Marine general also told lawmakers that he had rejected Ang's bribe, which was P200 million monthly.
The CBI laid a trap and caught the sub-inspector red-handed while accepting the bribe from the complainant.
Summary: Defendant took bribes from driver to tamper with papers and pass cars that failed technical tests
The police topped the list of public services most often demanding a bribe while 38pc of the poorest surveyed said they paid a bribe, which is the highest proportion of any income group.
Police said the suspect admitted to exploiting his job for personal gain and accepting a bribe.
Ten percent of the respondents say that have given bribes to solve health problems over the past year, 5% - to police officers, including traffic police, 3% - to be issued a permit, certificate or another document, while less than 2% have paid bribes to customs or tax officials.
Practical Implications: Firms from OECD countries can find the cost of bribe giving to be very high as they not only violate the law of their home country but they can be prosecuted and punished in multiple jurisdictions.
In their study of Ukraine, Cabelkova and Hanousek (2004) rely on data on respondents' willingness to bribe in various hypothetical situations.
It is not clear whether Morocco or France made the payment, although Morocco have been named in the indictment as being prepared to bribe for 2006.
Sources said the four were detained on Wednesday and were taken into custody on Thursday morning after a thorough operation during which the bribe amount was recovered by CBI.
Legalize bribe giving, double the fine for bribe taking, and make the bribe taker pay back the bribe if discovered.
Bribes are generally paid to win contracts from state-owned or controlled companies in advanced economies, rather than in the developing world, and most bribe payers and takers are from wealthy countries.
One in three Ukrainians in 2013 said they personally found themselves in a bribe situation in the past year, up from 23% in 2009, the last full year of Viktor Yuschenko's presidency.
The Public Prosecution has charged the former-director general of ports at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, with accepting a OMR200,000 bribe from the Consolidated Contractors Company to ease procedures for the company to be awarded projects in the Duqm area.
Head of Academy of Interior Ministry Almaz Bazarbaev and Deputy Head of Academy Rakhmatillo Amiraev were arrested for attempt of bribe extortion on March 13, press secretary of Interior Ministry Jorobai Abdraimov told AKIpress.