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Bronx Fried Chicken serves big, boneless fried chicken with tasty flavors inspired by the streets of New York's Bronx borough: the delightfully extra-crunchy 'Notorious' and the crispy, beer-battered 'Brewsky.'
Gradually, Boundary began staying open later, hosting more live music throughout the week--at least four or five nights a week now--and has a broad spectrum of customers, from boisterous students to professionals, from to ex-hippie retirees to bedraggled tourists in need of a brewsky.
While most of his peers in their early twenties were slapping diapers on their first born or planning their next brewsky with the boys, Connelley was contemplating how to be an entrepreneur in the cutlery business.
So I made a practiced ceremonial turn, and, tilting my head in a friendly smile, lifted my brewsky in a "this Bud's for you" salute.
The Philippine leg of the competitions were held earlier this year where Muman Reyes beat out 11 other top local comedians to represent the country in Hong Kong against their local champ, Jim Brewsky and Singapore winner, Liam McDonald.