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CONTACT: Frederick Brewing Company, (301)694-7899, www.
Joining in the process of brewing a scaled-up version of a personal recipe was a rare treat that Kacani savored.
It's that potential for growth that entices people to get into the brewing business despite the odds.
Frustrated after unsuccessful attempts to persuade legislators to change the law, Bill Meuhlhauser, owner of the Ram's Head Tavern in Annapolis, plans to build a second brewery in Delaware to increase capacity for his Fordham Brewing Co.
Owned and operated by an extended Antelope Valley family, the 2-month-old Antelope Brewing Company offers hometown brews with European tastes and names like Windy Weizen and Devil's Punchbowl Porter.
The Company's patent protects the method and apparatus for maintaining a centralized facility for the production of unfermented and unprocessed hopped wort (one of the last steps of the beer brewing production process) which is then transported to Company restaurant fermentation tanks where it is finished into beer.
Paul Gatza, director of the Institute for Brewing Studies of Boulder, Colorado, says that craft beer share of the U.
What those operations may lack in yuppie cachet, they compensate for with consistent and cost-effective brewing and bottling.
Rocks, who is in his 20s, said he has always been interested in beer brewing but got into it in earnest only a little more than two years ago.
As part of the program, all Four Points' lounge and restaurant staff must complete the Best Brews online training program and master all aspects of the curriculum, such as the brewing process and how to properly present and pour beer.
During the 1998-1999 "shake-out" period, much of the press coverage depicted craft brewing as a sort of passing fad.
Meleq Kacani of Simi Valley credits his homemade brewing equipment with securing his traditional German bock a finalist's berth in a national home brew contest.
This beautiful, deep amber color lager is brewed using only the four classic ingredients and traditional brewing methods.
Despite frequent eulogies, the craft brewing segment has not expired--far from it.
According to the numbers compiled by the Institute of Brewing Studies of Boulder, CO, 1999 was a year of revived growth for craft.