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brew a plot

To conspire; to devise a secret plan. What are you kids whispering about back there? You better not be brewing a plot! My siblings and I are brewing a plot to surprise our parents with a trip for their anniversary.
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brew up (something)

1. To make a beverage (often coffee or tea) by brewing. You better brew up a pot of coffee, it's going to be a long night.
2. To prepare or incite something. What are you kids whispering about back there? You better not be brewing up trouble!
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brew a plot

Fig. to plot something; to make a plot. The children brewed an evil plot to get revenge on their teacher. We brewed a plot so that we would not have to help with dinner.
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brew something up

1. Lit. to brew something, as in making coffee or tea. Can somebody brew some coffee up? Let me brew up a pot of tea, and then we'll talk.
2. Fig. to cause something to happen; to foment something. I could see that they were brewing some kind of trouble up. Don't brew up any trouble!
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brew up

Fig. to build up; [for something] to begin to build and grow. (Typically said of a storm.) A bad storm is brewing up in the west. Something serious is brewing up in the western sky.
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storm is brewing

1. There is going to be a storm. Look at the clouds. A storm is brewing. A storm is brewing in the west.
2. There is going to be trouble or emotional upset. He looks angry. A storm is brewing.
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suck (some) brew

 and suck (some) Suds
Sl. to drink beer. Wanna go suck some brew? I'm tired of sucking suds. Got any whisky?
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Trouble is brewing.

 and There is trouble brewing.
Fig. Trouble is developing. Trouble's brewing at the office. I have to get there early tomorrow. There is trouble brewing in the government. The prime minister may resign.
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there’s ˈtrouble brewing

(informal) a difficult situation is starting to develop: There’s trouble brewing in the car industry.
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1. n. coffee; occasionally, tea. This is my kind of brew, hot, black, and aromatic.
2. n. beer; a can, bottle, or glass of beer. Hey, give me a cold brew, will ya?


mod. alcohol intoxicated. He tries to get brewed as soon as he can after work.
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n. brew; a beer. One brew-ha over here, innkeeper!


n. a beer blast; a beer blow-out. Were you at Tom’s brew-out? I was too bombed to see who was there.

brews brothers

n. (male) beer-drinking college students. (A play on The Blues Brothers, a popular movie released in 1980.) You guys look like the devil and you smell like the brews brothers.
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n. homemade liquor or beer. My uncle makes his own home-brew.

quaff a brew

(ˈkwɑf ə ˈbru)
tv. to drink a beer. (see also brew.) I went down to the bar to quaff a brew.
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suck (some) brew

and suck (some) suds
tv. to drink beer. Wanna go suck some brew? Let’s go out and suck suds.
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suck brew

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Meantime, Anheuser and Coors continue ratcheting up market share by squeezing out midsize operations, the places that do the contract brewing.
Our exclusive ice brewing process coupled with a patented ice machine -- which we imported from the Netherlands -- enables us to brew an exceptionally full-bodied, great-tasting ice beer," said Jon Runge, manager of New Product Development.
In 2000, for example, Paul Gatza, director of the AOB's Institute for Brewing Studies, reported that there were 100 closings of pubs & micros, while 102 opened.
Kacani, who started brewing his own beer about five years ago, said he was stunned to learn he was a semifinalist because he found out about the contest shortly before the July 12 entry deadline.
As part of the announcement, Labatt also unveiled its new "Ice Brewing Process" logo, which will now be featured on all beers made using Labatt's proprietary Ice Brewing process.
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In the case of the craft brewing segment, the conventional wisdom is that micro breweries are a fad that is on the way out.
The victor in each category gets an expense-paid trip for two weeks to anywhere in the world that has a brewing history, according to Kate Begley, contest coordinator for the Boston Beer Co.
Pittsburgh Brewing Company, founded in 1861, is the country's eighth largest brewery and considered the largest regional brewery in the nation.
Not only are Samuel Adams employees knowledgeable about full-flavored craft beer, they've actually experienced brewing for themselves.
A lot of doomsayers were predicting a slow-down in craft beer," says Paul Abrams of the Snyder International Brewing Group, "and I think wholesalers and retailers bought into it, in effect creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.
7 by Coors Brewing Company (NASDAQ: ACCOB) against Anheuser-Busch (A-B)(NYSE: BUD).
Quite a few American brewers entered beers for judging in the 1996 Brewing Industry International Awards, held at Burton-Upon-Trent, England.