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brew a plot

To conspire; to devise a secret plan. What are you kids whispering about back there? You better not be brewing a plot! My siblings and I are brewing a plot to surprise our parents with a trip for their anniversary.
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brew up (something)

1. To make a beverage (often coffee or tea) by brewing. You better brew up a pot of coffee, it's going to be a long night.
2. To prepare or incite something. What are you kids whispering about back there? You better not be brewing up trouble!
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brew a plot

Fig. to plot something; to make a plot. The children brewed an evil plot to get revenge on their teacher. We brewed a plot so that we would not have to help with dinner.
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brew something up

1. Lit. to brew something, as in making coffee or tea. Can somebody brew some coffee up? Let me brew up a pot of tea, and then we'll talk.
2. Fig. to cause something to happen; to foment something. I could see that they were brewing some kind of trouble up. Don't brew up any trouble!
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brew up

Fig. to build up; [for something] to begin to build and grow. (Typically said of a storm.) A bad storm is brewing up in the west. Something serious is brewing up in the western sky.
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storm is brewing

1. There is going to be a storm. Look at the clouds. A storm is brewing. A storm is brewing in the west.
2. There is going to be trouble or emotional upset. He looks angry. A storm is brewing.
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suck (some) brew

 and suck (some) Suds
Sl. to drink beer. Wanna go suck some brew? I'm tired of sucking suds. Got any whisky?
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Trouble is brewing.

 and There is trouble brewing.
Fig. Trouble is developing. Trouble's brewing at the office. I have to get there early tomorrow. There is trouble brewing in the government. The prime minister may resign.
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there’s ˈtrouble brewing

(informal) a difficult situation is starting to develop: There’s trouble brewing in the car industry.
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1. n. coffee; occasionally, tea. This is my kind of brew, hot, black, and aromatic.
2. n. beer; a can, bottle, or glass of beer. Hey, give me a cold brew, will ya?


mod. alcohol intoxicated. He tries to get brewed as soon as he can after work.
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n. brew; a beer. One brew-ha over here, innkeeper!


n. a beer blast; a beer blow-out. Were you at Tom’s brew-out? I was too bombed to see who was there.

brews brothers

n. (male) beer-drinking college students. (A play on The Blues Brothers, a popular movie released in 1980.) You guys look like the devil and you smell like the brews brothers.
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n. homemade liquor or beer. My uncle makes his own home-brew.

quaff a brew

(ˈkwɑf ə ˈbru)
tv. to drink a beer. (see also brew.) I went down to the bar to quaff a brew.
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suck (some) brew

and suck (some) suds
tv. to drink beer. Wanna go suck some brew? Let’s go out and suck suds.
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suck brew

See also: brew, suck
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