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be bright and breezy

To be confident and cheerful. I may be bright and breezy now, but I often felt melancholy as a teenager.
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bright and breezy

Confident and cheerful. I may be bright and breezy now, but I often felt melancholy as a teenager.
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bright and breezy

cheery and alert. You look all bright and breezy this morning. Bright and breezy people on a gloomy day like this make me sick.
See also: and, breezy, bright
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The reader is treated to an array of tantalizing information and fascinating facts presented systematically and breezily by Elin Kelsey, an author and ecologist who teaches at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC.
Kessler's breezily written, anecdote-laden account is an investigation into the factors detonating the "explosion of obesity" in America and the UK, but his findings are equally relevant to India, where the middle classes seem to be fighting a losing battle against girth.
Soprano Nathalie Paulin (Semele) was a vocal and thespian marvel, her voice breezily agile in florid passages yet sensitively nuanced when expressing yearning, bliss or determination.
The majority opinion breezily dismisses Smarter Growth's unprecedented, cumbersome referendum requirements as "details" that need not be disclosed in the ballot title and summary.
An attempt to reach younger donors with a breezily written letter that uses the word "blah" 137 times has some Framingham State College (Mass.
SHOWING: Cineworld, Showcase, VUE VERDICT: Easy on the eye and the ear, there are plentiful laugh-out-loud moments, and an embarrassment of quips, like when a moody Marion tells her father, "I don't feel like smiling" - and he retorts breezily, "You're English dear, fake it".
Hey America, I'm Paris Hilton and I'm a celebrity too," Hilton declares breezily.
At other points, he decries the Communists' "Maoist barbarism" and breezily dismisses advocates of western-style democracy in South Vietnam as "tea-sipping intellectuals" (59, 169-170).
Together, the two authors--over the course of 340-odd pages--manage to navigate their way breezily through some terrifyingly complex areas.
A trio of black-and-white paintings in the style of Franz Kline also remain within the realm of abstraction, but these breezily casual panels don't seem to reference specific works--they could just as well represent digital images cropped and enlarged past the point of recognition.
Wentworth is breezily droll as another psychologist at least as screwed up as her patients -- and those patients are unfailingly good-humored.
Minutes later he breezily acknowledged that Russia, unlike the United States, is developing a new intercontinental ballistic missile, the Topol-M; that it recently supplied Iran with new air defense missiles; and that antitank missiles it delivered to Syria were used by Hezbollah against Israel in last summer's war.
The script, by Betty Comden and Adolph Green, breezily echoes real life.
She's leaping around the room trying to fan away the smell at the same time as making coffee, but breezily explains: 'Just a couple of minor disasters
And it bears repeated emphasis that this breezily worded public service announcement, describing the Mexican government's subversive efforts to mobilize illegal aliens, appeared in a local community newspaper in a rural mid-western U.