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be bright and breezy

To be confident and cheerful. I may be bright and breezy now, but I often felt melancholy as a teenager.
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bright and breezy

Confident and cheerful. I may be bright and breezy now, but I often felt melancholy as a teenager.
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bright and breezy

cheery and alert. You look all bright and breezy this morning. Bright and breezy people on a gloomy day like this make me sick.
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Black is cannily aware that superhero films are inherently ridiculous and, despite Stark's dark night of the soul, he keeps things breezily amusing.
Standouts include the slow-burning epic Meet My Maker - based on singer Hywel's experiences of going blind while driving down the fast lane of the M4; the title track Fragile Diamond, which sees the band breezily skipping Canned Heat-style through a song that examines the fragility of life, with lyrics inspired by a family member's miracle baby; and the trippy and hypnotic Super Furry Animals-like Sharkfins In The Sky, which despite being about a murder at an ice rink underneath the band's studio in South London, still manages to sound rather jolly.
This breezily modern take on Heroides is a delight.
He wastes few of his 20000 words, breezily recounting his inquisitive childhood and some lucky scientific breaks.
The doctors - all male - are insensitive oafs, as demonstrated tonight by the young Dr Truscott (Oliver Chris) when he breezily advises a middle-aged female patient (guest star Pippa Haywood) to have a nice straight forward hysterectomy because "no one wants to live alongside someone whose hormones are turning them into a monster".
But there was Poulter, breezily hitting fairways and greens - and avoiding the problems certain to come when you are off target.
London, July 12 ( ANI ): Drinkers can no longer breezily tell their suspicious spouses or girlfriends, "Oh, I just had a couple," on a drink out session.
Without Jailbreaking, you can breezily add, delete or rename all types of file saved on your iOS devices, including the new iPad, iPhone 4S/4, iPod touch 4, etc.
But is it quite wrong for Cheryl Gillian to claim breezily that "the status quo is not an option".
Based on Tunisian writer-director Pierre Salvadori's 1993 comedy of the same name, Wild Target is a breezily enjoyable affair, interspersed with car chases down country lanes in a Mini.
The reader is treated to an array of tantalizing information and fascinating facts presented systematically and breezily by Elin Kelsey, an author and ecologist who teaches at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC.
Kessler's breezily written, anecdote-laden account is an investigation into the factors detonating the "explosion of obesity" in America and the UK, but his findings are equally relevant to India, where the middle classes seem to be fighting a losing battle against girth.
The majority opinion breezily dismisses Smarter Growth's unprecedented, cumbersome referendum requirements as "details" that need not be disclosed in the ballot title and summary.
An attempt to reach younger donors with a breezily written letter that uses the word "blah" 137 times has some Framingham State College (Mass.