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be bright and breezy

To be confident and cheerful. I may be bright and breezy now, but I often felt melancholy as a teenager.
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bright and breezy

Confident and cheerful. I may be bright and breezy now, but I often felt melancholy as a teenager.
See also: and, breezy, bright


1. Simple; not difficult to do or understand. This easy-breezy recipe is a delicious, nutritious option your whole family will enjoy. A: "Are you worried about the test on Monday?" B: "Nah, it should be pretty easy-breezy."
2. Lighthearted, undemanding, and relaxed in attitude. After the tough week I've had, an easy-breezy rom-com sounds like the perfect way to start the weekend.
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bright and breezy

cheery and alert. You look all bright and breezy this morning. Bright and breezy people on a gloomy day like this make me sick.
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Weather warning: TV's breeziest weather forecaster Paul Hudson is back in town on Saturday, December 11.
To the delight of the spectators who gather, as many as 200 pilots a day launch during the breeziest and busiest months.
Directed by Philippe de Broca, the breeziest of 1960s French New Wavers, and shot by Canadian ace cinematographer Michel Brault, Louisiana was the most lavish of the hybrids, a kitsch-filled tale about a feisty southern belle(Kidder) whose dilemmas include her family's lost plantation and her tragically emasculated lover (Charleson).
Come rain or shine, Blackpool is open for business, boisterously battling to retain its reputation as Britain's brightest and breeziest holiday town.
At the breeziest times, the fish were to be found downwind.
On, "Paradise Cove," one of the breeziest breakup songs in recent memory, Yorn gives his freckle-face companion a piece of his mind, and it isn't pretty.
Down the coast, Porthcawl, breeziest beach of 'em all, earned a place in folklore as home to a collection of caravans claiming the title Europe's Biggest Holiday Camp.
The standout song was Cycle of Violence, possibly the breeziest song ever to deal with the subject of terrorism.
According to the Good Beach Guide, a report published by the Marine Conservation Society, the West coast of Scotland has some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere in the world, no to mention the breeziest.
"Welcome to the beautiful island of Majorca," I say, grabbing the microphone and putting on my brightest, breeziest voice.
POP'S breeziest stars A1 have been asked to write some of their fresh and funky tunes for old crooners Rod Stewart and Lionel Richie.
Taking post-Pet Sounds era Beach Boys as the main template for their frothy chamber pop, there are plenty of flourishes in the production, which is at its breeziest on the lovely Winter's Day.
Meanwhile, Porthcawl had the water chute and this failed coalport, breeziest beach of `em all, was a magnet for lads from the Rhondda: for kids from Splott it was as distant as the dark side of the moon.
What a week that was for Scotland's brightest and breeziest showbiz column.