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breed in the bone

To deeply and firmly root, ingrain, or establish some trait or behavior, as if inherited genetically. His etiquette is the type of thing the military breeds in the bone. In this part of the country, hospitality is simply bred in the bone.
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breed like rabbits

slang To have several babies in a short period of time. (Rabbits are known to produce a large number of offspring very rapidly.) I can't believe my sister is pregnant for the fourth time in five years. She and her husband just breed like rabbits!
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breed up a storm

Of the weather, to become overcast. I wouldn't go outside right now—it looks to be breeding up a storm.
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breeding ground

1. Literally, a place where animals congregate for the sake of breeding. The ducks return to their breeding ground in the park every spring. The state helps farmers maintain breeding grounds for livestock.
2. A place, environment, or situation that promotes or provides ample conditions for the development of something, whether tangible or intangible. Offices are breeding grounds for sickness in the wintertime. We hope to create a dynamic research space for our students that will become a breeding ground for innovation and new ideas.
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breeding will tell

proverb One's true nature will be revealed. If you're skeptical of someone's motives, just give it time—breeding will tell.
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Breeding will tell.

Prov. one's character or lack of it will become known. From the beginning, he appeared to be courteous, and now he clearly has proven himself to be so. Breeding will tell.
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breed like rabbits

reproduce prolifically. informal
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breed up a storm

New England
To become cloudy.
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The idea was to discourage participating zoos from breeding their animals simply to satisfy the whims of baby-loving viewers and instead enter a joint breeding effort.
Future importations to university breeding flocks led to the development of the American Blackbelly sheep breed.
The Beef Bred and Owned classes were divided into breeding and market.
Since beginning their breeding and training program, the Ercolanos have enjoyed a great deal of success with their dogs and have proven that their dogs can succeed in rigorous testing as well as in field hunting wild birds.
Sam said: "This Better Breeding event will show how selective breeding can make farmers' lives easier by identifying sheep that will lamb more easily.
Modern breeding strategies aim at improving breeds for future needs in a sustainable way.
'We've never seen a breeding failure on a scale like this in 60 years,' said study author Phil Trathan, head of conservation biology at the British Antarctic Survey.
According to official sources, additional directors and deputy directors had been given authorities to check working breeding services providers in their respective districts.
Generally, breeding takes place early in the active season and is explosive with the breeding season lasting only a few weeks with most of the breeding activity occurring in a few nights (Sornborger 1979; Olson et al.
The unexpected result of breeding her Abyssinian/Seal Point Siamese female and Chocolate Point Siamese male was a strikingly rich-looking spotted kitten she named Tonga.
The failure of breeding programs can easily be measured by the falling number of animals within a breed or by outright breed extinction, say Sponenberg, Beranger, and Martin, but evaluating the success of such a program is much more difficult.
Mainly two types of cross breeding programmes are followed in India: cross between indigenous cattle and between Indian and foreign cattle.
Blood samples (10 ml) were collected aseptically during extensive travelling to respective breeding areas of each selected cattle breed in all four provinces of Pakistan from phenotypically pure animals.
Here's why and how dedicated "flocksters" can take breeding back under their wings.