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breeding ground

1. Literally, a place where animals congregate for the sake of breeding. The ducks return to their breeding ground in the park every spring. The state helps farmers maintain breeding grounds for livestock.
2. A place, environment, or situation that promotes or provides ample conditions for the development of something, whether tangible or intangible. Offices are breeding grounds for sickness in the wintertime. We hope to create a dynamic research space for our students that will become a breeding ground for innovation and new ideas.
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breeding will tell

One's true nature will be revealed. If you're skeptical of someone's motives, just give it time—breeding will tell.
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breed up a storm

Of the weather, to become overcast. I wouldn't go outside right now—it looks to be breeding up a storm.
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Breeding will tell.

Prov. one's character or lack of it will become known. From the beginning, he appeared to be courteous, and now he clearly has proven himself to be so. Breeding will tell.
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breed up a storm

New England
To become cloudy.
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On December 20, 2000, two of the African wild dogs in one of the breeding packs became ill from an apparently infectious disease.
In fact some southern apologists cited slave breeding as evidence of the owners' husbandry and care.
In the meat cattle breeding stock of breeding cows is 1910 heads, with the appearance of another loudspeaker the growth was 370 heads.
Meanwhile I'll continue selectively breeding my herd to retain the old-time attributes that favor cost-effective grazing over costly dairy goat chow from the farm store.
One of the chicks has now been transferred to a separate breeding facility and the other is due to be sent to a different one soon.
Senior sheep Specialist at the Scottish Agricultural College (SAC), Dr John Vipond will explain how breeding can contribute to easier management, which can help save producers both time and unnecessary costs.
The others would receive geno- typing and breeding advice based on the recommendations from the research project but would not be required to take action on scrapie susceptible sheep.
International seed breeding company Enza Zaden of Holland purchases the breeding programs and facilities of Yates Vegetable Seeds in Australia and New Zealand, establishing a new company: Enza Zaden Australia Ltd.
The idea was to discourage participating zoos from breeding their animals simply to satisfy the whims of baby-loving viewers and instead enter a joint breeding effort.
On September 5, representatives of the Dagestani delegation took part in the panel discussion "Vectors of the development of the breeding base of domestic livestock production".
Technically, a crossbred is an animal produced by breeding two purebred parents of different breeds.
Today, the American Buff is an endangered breed, numbering fewer than 500 breeding animals in the United States.