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too big for (one's) breeches

Overconfident in one's importance, skill, or authority; behaving as if one is more important or influential than one actually is. He's gotten too big for his breeches ever since he got that promotion. John's been too big for his breeches now that he's been scouted by pro teams.
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kick in the pants, a

1. Also, a kick in the teeth. A humiliating setback or rebuff. For example, That rejection was a real kick in the pants, or That review was a kick in the teeth. A third, vulgar variant of these colloquial terms is a kick in the ass. Versions of this last expression- kick in the breech, kick in the behind-have been used since the early 1800s.
2. A cause of enjoyment, as in That show was a real kick in the pants. This meaning is virtually the opposite of def. 1 and can be differentiated from it only by the context. [1960s]
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The brigade was the first such organisation anywhere in the world to use to the breeches buoy equipment to save life from shipwreck.
An extract in Genesis, Chapter 3, Verse 7, says: "They sewed leaves together and made themselves breeches.
The American market is very interested in them, as the Breeches Bible was the one the Pilgrim Fathers took with them.
Conclusion: Undiagnosed, uncomplicated breeches presenting in labour can be safely delivered vaginally, but large randomized study is needed to decide about the best mode of delivery.
Before too long, mark my words, someone will push the boundaries with a pair of breeches modelled on John Daly's kaleidoscopic strides and then the BHA will have to make a change to the rules, so they may as well make it now.
The popular name of bear's breeches is thought to be a sanitised version of bear's breech, suggested by the soft, hairy leaves of some species resembling a bear's back legs or rump.
However, jockeys will not be allowed to wear branded breeches or clothing at the Budweiser Irish Derby meeting unless the branding relates to one of the sponsors.
Then he turned on Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith saying: 'The right honourable gentleman wants to fight to the death to keep the Minister in charge of our court system in a fullbottomed wig, 18th Century breeches and women's tights, sitting on a woolsack rather than running the Court Service.
His search of the literature reveals that although most studies on premature breeches are not prospective or randomized, they do lean toward C-section as the preferable, safer method.
The exact wording that Fallon will carry on his breeches has yet to be finalised but under the deal the champion will carry the logo in most races he rides in over the next two years.
FANCY a pair of Frankie Dettori's riding breeches signed by the great man himself?
Another chief concern is that this disclosure is indicative of the possibility of broader security breeches.
Today we still use essentially a pair of breeches, although when you get into them it's really only your shoulders on show.
Adrian Beckham, a rare bookseller from From Page 1 Suffolk who currently has a Breeches Bible for sale, explains why they are so valuable.
JAMIE SPENCER is standing out on the all-weather circuit in more ways than one these days, but it remains to be seen whether his trademark black breeches catch on, writes David Milnes.