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too big for (one's) breeches

Overconfident in one's importance, skill, or authority; behaving as if one is more important or influential than one actually is. He's gotten too big for his breeches ever since he got that promotion. John's been too big for his breeches now that he's been scouted by the NBA.
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kick in the pants, a

1. Also, a kick in the teeth. A humiliating setback or rebuff. For example, That rejection was a real kick in the pants, or That review was a kick in the teeth. A third, vulgar variant of these colloquial terms is a kick in the ass. Versions of this last expression- kick in the breech, kick in the behind-have been used since the early 1800s.
2. A cause of enjoyment, as in That show was a real kick in the pants. This meaning is virtually the opposite of def. 1 and can be differentiated from it only by the context. [1960s]
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I found it very interesting that I do have this option to deliver a breech baby as opposed to just jumping into a C-section," Kardashian West wrote on her blog, after watching Heads Up.
An inquest in Ipswich heard that the policy of delivering most breeches by caesarean has meant there is a lack of professionals experienced in vaginal breech deliveries.
The aim of the animation - the first of its kind in the country - is to support women who are facing several choices, such as whether to allow an attempt at turning the baby in the womb, whether to elect for a Caesarean section or breech delivery.
DOCTORS are failing to spot dangerous breech pregnancies because physical examinations are not sensitive enough, Australian experts warned today.
It will be interesting to see what recommendations might emerge based on this paper in light of the results of the trial, its aftermath and the lack of evidence to support current routine cesarean for breech babies.
Authors of the twin study said their results were consistent with those of the singleton Term Breech Trial and concluded that planned C-section delivery causes the least morbidity to nonvertex second twins or to singletons.
Breech sounded sad about production wrapping last week and frustrated at a total lack of communication from ABC.
Pennsylvania Farmers Union stands ready to develop solutions that are in the best interest of our family farmers and our rural communities," Breech said.
Since the bolt is now a striker, a breech plug is required that is screwed into the breech area with fine threads and which is removable for cleaning from the breech.
The service includes the supply, installation and commissioning of switchgear in Langenau Geislingen, Breech, Schoenbuehl.
The following breech assembly components are the prime suspects for wear that can cause firing pin protrusion .
Historically, dozens of maneuvers have been used to deliver babies in any position: the Mauriceau-Smellre-Veit move is used for breech babies whose heads are trapped; the Woods corkscrew when a baby's shoulder won't budge.
A study published in the British Medical Journal found that around a third of breech positions could be missed because a routine examination merely involves feeling the stomach.
The international study widely known as the Term Breech Trial was published in October 2000 (1) and resulted in a call for all babies known to be in the breech position at term to be delivered by Caesarean section (CS).
Breech presentation can be frustrating for women planning a vaginal birth.