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Market hunters didn't keep extensive records, but within a couple decades they had bred just the dog to meet their needs.
For what trait was the Wessex Saddleback bred? Where is it found and in what production system?
Braques are good retrievers on land and in the water, but Ercolano warns that if you plan to hunt over water in cold climates it is best to purchase a breed that was bred specifically for cold water retrieving.
None of the chestnut varieties bred [o resist blight so far has the shoot-the-sun height of the pure American chestnut and its famed scrappiness for competing in a forest canopy.
There are now nine Welsh group breeding schemes and members have access to rams bred from the superior ewes in the nucleus flock.
Selectively bred for high milk production, these "crossbreds" became a definitive breed, eventually becoming very popular in central Europe.
Promoted by vertically integrated hog operations--industrial firms that not only mass-rear hogs but also slaughter them and package the meat for supermarkets--these pigs have been bred to bulk up quickly on a high-protein diet, laying down fairly lean meat.
Industrial turkeys are bred for maximum breast meat; they cannot breed naturally and must be artificially inseminated.
It's also possible, says Vila, that domestication happened once, after which domesticated dogs bred with wolves from time to time.
With the development of the Broad Breasted White and different methods of raising the "holiday turkey" the heritage breeds have fallen on hard times, but luckily they had friends that preserved and bred them and kept them going.
Mice bred to exhibit various degrees of preference for drinking alcohol may, by virtue of their scientifically controlled couplings, help scientists identify genes that contribute to alcoholism.
You may want to raise animals that are bred for beef or dairy, or you might want a dual purpose type of cow that provides enough milk for your family and also a good beef-type calf to butcher.