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There's no one breathing down your neck to make you get those clients - it's about having that drive Business tip: Someone once said: "You are the sum of the five people you spend most time with".
It is quite another to have the Serious Fraud Office breathing down your neck looking for zombie prisoners.
Whether or not you will take this opportunity will probably depend upon the number of white shirts breathing down your neck to get the mold back into production.
You just have to accept that they will have more of the ball than you but it is not like they are breathing down your neck all the time.
Watch out, Mayor James Hahn, somebody is breathing down your neck, and he is occupying the same office you just vacated.
You've got nobody from the computer center breathing down your neck saying they want the computer for something else.
But when there's a film crew breathing down your neck and sheets taped to you, there's no enjoyment.