breathe down (one's) neck

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breathe down (one's) neck

1. To monitor someone closely, usually in an overbearing and irritating way. I just got another email from the boss asking about the status of this report, as if breathing down my neck is going to make me finish it faster!
2. To be physically close to someone in an unnerving or unwanted way. Back up, dude—I'll never make this shot with you breathing down my neck!
See also: breathe, down, neck

breathe down someone's neck

1. Fig. to keep close watch on someone; to watch someone's activities intently. (Alludes to someone standing very close behind a person.) I can't work with you breathing down my neck all the time. Go away. I will get through my life without your help. Stop breathing down my neck.
2. Fig. [for someone or something] to represent an approaching deadline. The project deadline is breathing down my neck. The due date for this paper is breathing down my neck.
See also: breathe, down, neck

breathe down somebody’s ˈneck

(informal) watch somebody too closely, and so make them feel uncomfortable: I can’t work with people breathing down my neck the whole time.
See also: breathe, down, neck

breathe down (someone's) neck

1. To threaten by proximity, especially by pursuing closely.
2. To watch or monitor closely, often annoyingly: The boss was breathing down my neck all morning.
See also: breathe, down, neck
References in periodicals archive ?
JOHN MULLINS continues to be the early pacesetter in the 2018 Trainer of the Year standings although nine-times champion Mark Wallis is already breathing down his neck, writes Jonathan Kay.
Verdict: Mignolet gets the nod, but will it be Ward or Karius breathing down his neck - or both?
Keiren Westwood is breathing down his neck after a confident display against Uruguay when replacing Randolph at half-time.
Although Kyrgios is a star, he still has Lleyton Hewitt and Bernie Tomic there while Kokkinakis is breathing down his neck.
With Romelu Lukaku and Aroune Kone breathing down his neck, it needs to click soon.
Tazeez forced the pace for much of the mile-and-a-half trip only for 11-8 favourite Spanish Moon to start breathing down his neck on his first British start for 15 months meeting the rising ground.
But compatriots Geoff Ogilvy (67) and Rod Pampling (68) are breathing down his neck in Queensland.
The 23-year-old Spaniard had Colin Montgomerie and Lee Westwood breathing down his neck for four hours during the third round at Le Golf National.
I PUT Councillor Patel's pomposity in the Echo on May 20 down to blind panic since Plaid is now the biggest party in Cardiff West and we are breathing down his neck in Canton.
And as five levels of boos rained down upon him, he also could feel veteran Aaron Sele breathing down his neck as he jogged in from the bullpen, not only taking over for Hendrickson in the game but possibly taking over for him in the rotation as well.
David Howell had Tiger Woods breathing down his neck after the early stages of the HSBC Champions tournament third round in Shanghai today.
Wilkinson remains favourite for the Test fly-half berth in Christchurch tomorrow week, but it could prove a close encounter, with both Charlie Hodgson and Stephen Jones breathing down his neck
When Penthouse founder Bob Guccione faced creditors breathing down his neck, Kennedy quickly turned around a $14.
Colin Cramb's been breathing down his neck but Duane gives something different to the team.
The 41-year-old American, six under par at halfway in the Players Championship at Sawgrass in Florida, has fellow Americans Tom Lehman and Omar Uresti breathing down his neck.