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One who is intensely and aggressively passionate and fiercely determined. Likened to a dragon or other beast able to shoot streams of fire from its mouth. The company's new boss proved to be a real fire-breather, and in just a few months she turned a once-middling local business into a national powerhouse.

take a breather

To take a short pause or hiatus (from something). You can go ahead on the hike if you want, I'm going to stop here and take a breather. The senator is taking a breather from his campaign to spend some time with his family.
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mouth breather

Someone who is dimwitted, foolish, or stupid; someone of low or stunted intelligence. That bully is a such a mouth breather, I bet he has the IQ of a rock.
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A dimwitted, foolish, or idiotic person; someone of low or stunted intelligence. Used as an insult. I'm tired of getting picked on by these mouth-breathers. I can't wait to go to college where I can meet people who aren't afraid to think.


n. a rest period; a lull. (A chance to catch one’s breath.) As soon as we’ve had a breather, it’s back to work.


n. a stupid-acting person. I always end up with a mouth-breather on a blind date.
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Nearly three-quarters of participants who share a bed with a mouth breather said they are woken up at least once per night by their partner's mouth breathing.
59 percent of respondents sleep next to a mouth breather and 47 percent believe it impacts their ability to get a good night's sleep.
With these breathers, approximately 95 percent of all humidity going into the equipment headspace can be removed.
With these desirable properties, Eastman Tritana Ao copolyester allows users to install Guardian in areas where previous installations had to be remotely mounted or were not suitable for plastic breathers, including those subject to higher temperatures, vibration and exposure to chemicals.
ISOCLEAN(TM) Solutions Desiccant Breathers reduce airborne particulate and water contamination, which are leading causes of lubricant related equipment failure.
The event will unite local artists of all mediums and specialties including painters, musicians, dance troupes, fashion designers, stilt walkers, fire breathers, and contortionists, to offer area culture-seekers an enlightened night of music, fashion, art and dance to benefit Young Audiences of Greater Cleveland.
The Lakers played only nine games away from Staples Center in the first two months but play 19 of 29 games on the road in January and February, with few breathers.
All will become friendly companions as you pause for breathers.