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One who is intensely and aggressively passionate and fiercely determined. Likened to a dragon or other beast able to shoot streams of fire from its mouth. The company's new boss proved to be a real fire-breather, and in just a few months she turned a once-middling local business into a national powerhouse.

take a breather

To take a short pause or hiatus (from something). You can go ahead on the hike if you want, I'm going to stop here and take a breather. The senator is taking a breather from his campaign to spend some time with his family.
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mouth breather

Someone who is dimwitted, foolish, or stupid; someone of low or stunted intelligence. That bully is a such a mouth breather, I bet he has the IQ of a rock.
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A dimwitted, foolish, or idiotic person; someone of low or stunted intelligence. Used as an insult. I'm tired of getting picked on by these mouth-breathers. I can't wait to go to college where I can meet people who aren't afraid to think.


n. a rest period; a lull. (A chance to catch one’s breath.) As soon as we’ve had a breather, it’s back to work.


n. a stupid-acting person. I always end up with a mouth-breather on a blind date.
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The data were stratified according to the breathing mode (predominantly nose breathers, NB, and predominantly mouth breathers, MB).
Only the TSph (Total Sphenoid) variable showed no significant alteration between age ranges 1 and 2, in the predominantly nose breathers.
The exception noted referred to an increase in the Total Sphenoid measurement (TSph), which showed no statistically significant difference in individuals who were predominantly nose breathers.
10) (1987) noticed that children who were mouth breathers showed a greater incidence of distocclusion, anterior open bite, posterior cross bite and crowding.
The breather is constructed of durable, shock-absorbing plastic components and incorporates a three-step filtration process.
5 micron, according to the company Airflow rating for the DC-1 breather is 3.
For ease of installation and service, the DC-1 breather features a threaded 3/8 in.
With these desirable properties, Eastman Tritana Ao copolyester allows users to install Guardian in areas where previous installations had to be remotely mounted or were not suitable for plastic breathers, including those subject to higher temperatures, vibration and exposure to chemicals.
Photo: (color) Hikers who take a breather at Union Point along Yosemite National Park's Four-Mile Trail will spy Half Dome towering above plush Tenaya Canyon.
Brownell transformer breathers avoid the problem of oil in a conservator tank thickening and deteriorating when the air space above it expands and contracts with climatic variations.
Offering increased efficiency combined with cost savings, these breathers are filled with self-indicating Envirogel adsorbent in a cartridge that can be changed by an operator in a matter of minutes.
A removable adsorbent container allows the unit's desiccant material to be changed without breaking the breather pipe connection.