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One who is intensely and aggressively passionate and fiercely determined. Likened to a dragon or other beast able to shoot streams of fire from its mouth. The company's new boss proved to be a real fire-breather, and in just a few months she turned a once-middling local business into a national powerhouse.

mouth breather

Someone who is dimwitted, foolish, or stupid; someone of low or stunted intelligence. Used as an insult. That bully is a such a mouth breather, I bet he has the IQ of a rock.
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take a breather

To take a short pause or hiatus (from something). You can go ahead on the hike if you want, I'm going to stop here and take a breather. The senator is taking a breather from his campaign to spend some time with his family.
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n. a rest period; a lull. (A chance to catch one’s breath.) As soon as we’ve had a breather, it’s back to work.


n. a stupid-acting person. I always end up with a mouth-breather on a blind date.
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"Through its unique and innovative business model, Breather has demonstrated a unique capacity to position itself among the leaders in a rapidly transforming industry through a focus on technology and an ongoing emphasis to optimize yield management through machine learning.
When you can maintain your center in times of stress or crisis, you are at a point to shift into the role of potential lead breather. Potential is an important word here, because ethically, we are required to ask first, "Can you breathe with me?" It is only after we have received permission that we may proceed with compassion, ease, and, sometimes, the assistance of a force we might refer to as Grace.
When x = 0 or z = 0, the solution will be changed into the breather and when y = 0, the solution will be transferred into the period line wave under a given time t.
"Probably it (the fouls) was to get a bit of a breather as well, there were a couple of challenges and I thought I could buy myself a bit of time and get a breather.
"In the interests of delivering the highest standards of Toyota product quality and customer care, we have begun contacting our customers directly to book an appointment to replace the fuel breather tube with a new and modified component," the statement added.
From Figure 4(b), one can find that the Akhmediev breather is periodic in the space coordinate and aperiodic in the time coordinate.
Letting the period of periodic wave go to infinite in homoclinic (heteroclinic) breather wave solution, we can obtain a rational homoclinic (heteroclinic) wave and this wave is just a rogue wave.
Analyst Howard Archer, of IHS Global Insight, said the drop "indicates consumers are taking at least a temporary breather after spending at a robust rate during the third quarter".
"But as well we must be cautious and not think 'okay let's have a little breather'."
Featured are many individual components that, collectively, improve cold weather operation: heaters for the engine coolant, lube oil and batteries; a battery charger; and, a heated breather hose that prevents crankcase vapors from freezing in cold temperatures and blocking the breather.
Rodgers said: "There is no doubt Raheem is one who does need that breather.
The Reds boss said: "There is no doubt Raheem is one who does need that breather.
Breather valves on the Buffalo A2's front and rear differentials must be clean and open to let off pressure that builds up in those assemblies.
ARSENE WENGER accepts Arsenal could have done with a "little breather" rather than tackle Leyton Orient in a FA Cup fifth-round replay, but maintains the Gunners can sustain their assault on four fronts.
SHOPPERS and visitors to Stockton town centre can take a breather and have a cuppa to raise money for a good cause.