breathe (something) to (someone)

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breathe (something) to (someone)

To share information, often that which is supposed to be kept secret. Often used in the negative to encourage silence. And if you breathe a word of this to the cops, we'll come after you. I was told not to breathe news of this to anyone, but I knew I had to tell someone about such serious allegations.
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breathe something (of something) (to someone)

to tell something to someone. (Usually in the negative.) Don't breathe a word of this to anyone! I won't breathe a word!
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To be relaxed or relieved, especially after a period of tension.
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So as I breathe to live, you know, I squeeze out music as I go; I'm very sorry this is so--
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We don't need to think hard about the importance of breathing; we need to breathe to live.
A Normally, you breathe to give your body a steady flow of oxygen, a gas found in air.
In Buddhism you breathe to get rid of the barriers between inside and out, self and other, to stop imagining yourself as a self.