breathe (new) life into (someone or something)

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breathe (new) life into (someone or something)

1. Literally, to revive someone who is not breathing, as by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation The lifeguard was able to pull the drowning boy from the pool and breathe life into him, thank goodness.
2. By extension, to revitalize something that has become dull or stale. The new CEO's creative approach really breathed new life into that failing company.
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breathe life into

Also, breathe new life into. Revive someone or something. For example, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) shows one how to breathe life into a drowning victim , or Her appointment breathed new life into the firm. This term is used both literally, for reviving a person who has stopped breathing temporarily, and figuratively, for giving new impetus to or renewing some project. Also see breath of fresh air.
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breathe (new) ˈlife into something

improve something by introducing new ideas and making people more interested in it: She has breathed new life into a product that was tired and out-of-date.
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"We look forward to working with the company to breathe new life into the redevelopment area."
The 37-year-old star has been devastated by falling viewing figures and critical savagings, and is trying to breathe new life into the show.
Fortunately, the L Word universe is here to breathe new life into any lackluster music collection--just in time for summer romance.
Jay Olivia, NYU's President Emeritus hopes that the Skirball Center will help create new audiences and "breathe new life into the downtown scene."
WHO'D have thought that you could breathe new life into a once popular shock-horror film series that had long grown stale.
The book is anchored by a voice that is familiar with the territory--spiritual truth-telling--yet the language often falls short, lacking rhythm and insight that could breathe new life into spiritual wisdom.
"Freestyle" is former Whitney curator Thelma Golden's first major contemporary exhibition since she landed at the Studio Museum as deputy director early last year, and it promises to breathe new life into that venerable I Harlem institution by looking back that is, by reviving its old mandate to showcase the latest from African American artists.
Today, the church, which has been staring at the abyss over this issue for months, may be on the brink of an agreement with the federal government, which will breathe new life into General Synod, though what a General Synod will look like in the aftermath of such an agreement remains to be seen.
"So today I'm offering a golden ticket to 12 town centres across the country to become Portas Pilots - areas with the vision and enthusiasm to breathe new life into what should be the beating heart of their communities, and they will get Mary's and my support as they try out the ideas in her recent review."
THE organisation planning to breathe new life into part of County Durham through the development of Durham Gate is inviting the area's business community to come together in a new forum.
A pounds 1.5 million grants scheme is being rolled out across Worcestershire which aims to breathe new life into the county's rural economy.
RESIDENTS will have the chance to quiz developers over a pounds 41million scheme to breathe new life into parts of a run-down suburb.
A multi-million pound scheme to breathe new life into the heart of a Valleys town has been given the go-ahead.
A combination of European, public, and private funds could be used to breathe new life into resorts such as Llandudno, Colwyn Bay and Rhyl.
Having learned the hard way about life in the dug-out, Quinn is looking for a big-time manager to breathe new life into the club.