breathe (new) life into (someone or something)

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breathe (new) life into (someone or something)

1. Literally, to revive someone who is not breathing, as by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation The lifeguard was able to pull the drowning boy from the pool and breathe life into him, thank goodness.
2. By extension, to rejuvenate, revitalize, or reinvigorate someone or something that has become dull, stale, or stuck in a rut. The new CEO's creative approach really breathed new life into that failing company. The hiatus has clearly breathed life into the writer, as her newest novel is the most exciting and engaging of her whole career.
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breathe life into

Also, breathe new life into. Revive someone or something. For example, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) shows one how to breathe life into a drowning victim , or Her appointment breathed new life into the firm. This term is used both literally, for reviving a person who has stopped breathing temporarily, and figuratively, for giving new impetus to or renewing some project. Also see breath of fresh air.
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breathe (new) ˈlife into something

improve something by introducing new ideas and making people more interested in it: She has breathed new life into a product that was tired and out-of-date.
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The direct purpose of his trip to China is to attend a meeting of the G-20, but it is perhaps more importantly to breathe life into one of his big ideas -- the pivot to Asia.
Jennifer Stewart, head of the HLF in Wales, said: "This is an excellent project that will breathe life into one of Cardiff's oldest buildings, bringing it into the 21st century and opening its doors to the local community.
For the first time, people can see a 3-D model of the Lower Precinct development, an ambitious pounds 38million programme which aims to breathe life into one of the most run-down areas of the city centre.
The leader of a five-year programme to breathe life into one of Birmingham's most depressed inner city districts has claimed the area will continue to rejuvenate without its help.
Sunrise, the animation studio behind the 'Gundam' franchise, has partnered with Hollywood studio Legendary Pictures (Pacific Rim) to breathe life into one of Japan's most beloved giant robot series, according to a statement.