breathe into

breathe into (something)

1. To exhale into something, such as a container, device, or (in the case of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation) another person's mouth. In an effort to calm myself down, I tried breathing into a paper bag. The doctor asked me to breathe into a special device. After pulling the drowning boy to safety, the lifeguard started chest compressions on him and breathed into his mouth.
2. To figuratively revive and revitalize something that has become dull or stale. In this phrase, a noun is used between "breathe" and "into." The new CEO's creative approach really breathed new life into that failing company.
See also: breathe

breathe something into something

to revive something; to introduce something new or positive into a situation. Her positive attitude breathed new life into the company. The project breathed a new spirit into the firm.
See also: breathe

breathe into something

to exhale into something; to expel one's breath into something. I was told to breathe into a tube that was connected to a machine of some type.
See also: breathe
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Many people, for instance, are 'upside-down' breathers, who only breathe into the upper area of the lungs.
When you inhale, breathe into the bottom part of your lungs (your upper lungs and chest will fill up automatically).
It may seem silly that you can breathe into your shoulders.
Breathe into the mouth and listen for the sound of breathing.
This breath that you feel is the one to focus on when we tell you to breathe into a stretch.