breathe again

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able to breathe again

1. Literally, capable of inhaling and exhaling without difficulty. Once the climbers returned from the top of the mountain, they felt like they were finally able to breathe again. After using my inhaler, I was able to breathe again. I have pretty bad allergies, so I can't wait till spring is over and I'm able to breathe again!
2. Figuratively, recuperating from a busy or stressful period of time. After a long, hectic summer, many parents feel like they are able to breathe again once their kids are back in school. With your thesis defense finished, are you able to breathe again? All week, I was worried about having to give that presentation, so I'm able to breathe again now that it's done!
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breathe (freely) again

relax after being frightened or tense about something.
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breathe (easily/freely) again

no longer need to be afraid, worried, etc: I was able to breathe easily again once I knew the children were safe.
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Breathe Again with SinoMarin is prepared from clean seawater pumped from off France's Atlantic coast.
"I did abdominal thrusts and eventually it worked and mum could breathe again.' Lisa continued: "It just shows what an amazing job St John Ambulance does.
I was under w I can lift my breathe again rn more to life "I felt like water but now head up and as things return as I knew it."
However the nurse injected the inside of my cheek which stopped the spasms and I could breathe again.
Luke's windpipe had been blocked during the explosion and medics had to operate - cutting a hole further down the airway so he could breathe again.
"Thank God for the Internet," says Ricc Rollins, co-owner of Ishai Books, and author of Like Breathing and Breathe Again. We have to depend on creative means, like e-mailing and reading reviews on bookseller sites and sending e-mails [asking if they'd review Ishai Books]."
Well, mum's not seen the video yet, and neither will we until his raunchy new single, I Breathe Again, is released on June 14.
Kincaid revisits, in ways similar to Elizabeth Bishop remapping her earlier poems in Geography III, the thematic concerns of much of her earlier work, in particular, A Small Place, her poised, damning expose of Antigua, tourism, and the aftermath of colonialism, and her fictional story "My Mother." The latter begins with a young girl wishing her mother dead, asking for forgiveness, and when her mother embraces her, she suffocates, "breathless, for a time uncountable, until one day, for a reason she has kept to herself, she shook me out and stood me under a tree and I started to breathe again."
This woman has probably devastated several people's lives with her lies, but at least now you can breathe again.
He based the decision on key qualities, including the ability to lead by example, speak for Britain abroad and encourage the party to "breathe again".
But the Ayr keeper scrambled back to smother the ball on the line and let his team-mates breathe again.
The victim, in her 30s, began to breathe again and later made a full recovery.
I felt suffocated and, when I finally got out, I suddenly felt that I could breathe again
It goes on for so long I'm sure he's not going to breathe again. It only happens when he sleeps on his back so I'm constantly turning him over.
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