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But when the old binder, Tamarak, dies, Willow's power turns against her and she breaks with tradition by cutting Otter off, forbidding her to be a binder.
In a move that breaks with tradition, Hoy's knighthood comes while he is still competing and he will take part in London 2012 as Sir Chris.
To satisfy sweet cravings, Tracht serves a delicious kugel but breaks with tradition by baking it in individual-size souffle dishes, then topping with warm honey and dried cherries and a dollop of creme fraiche.
This year there are a number of surprises planned and a few breaks with tradition
HOLLYWOOD heart throb George Clooney breaks with tradition on Desert Island Discs today - by choosing a record he hates.
Squarepusher had said that he was trying to make jazz that breaks with tradition rather than continue the traditions of jungle.
Mary Elizabeth Berry, in this remarkable and lively book on the culture of war in late medieval Kyoto, breaks with tradition.
In its business and organizational components, however, Carnegie Mellon West breaks with tradition by giving students the broader perspective needed to collaborate with and lead the global, distributed teams that are defining next-generation software organizations.
As well as Jeremy Clarkson, highlights include Richard Hammond's investigation into the new Corvette C6 as he asks how and why the impressive vehicle breaks with tradition.