break the/a record

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break the/a record

To do something to a higher or greater degree than the greatest extent currently known. With his speed, I think he'll break a record for running before he graduates from high school. If he eats one more hot dog he's going to break the record!
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break a record

to destroy a previously set high record by setting a new one. The athlete broke all the school records in swimming. The league record was broken after thirty years.
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break the record

1. Surpass a previous achievement, as in He was determined to break the record for the high jump. This usage is applied primarily to sports of various kinds. [1880s]
2. Move very fast, as in The lecture was so dull that we broke the record getting to the door: [Second half of 1900s]
See also: break, record
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The firm go 16-1 that any England batsman breaks the record for the fastest Test ton this year - Viv Richards blasted one off balls - and 12-1 that Brian Lara's 400 not out is beaten in 2016.
"If someone breaks the record then I will definitely try and get it back.
the JCB Dieselmax team celebrate after Andy Green (below) breaks the record.
TOP: Owen celebrates becoming Liverpool's leading European scorer ...but how does he compare with Ian Rush?; HEAD BOY: Owen's goal against Ljubljana breaks the record