break loose from (something)

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break loose from (something)

To physically separate from something. This phrase can be applied to both people and things. I had to chase my dog down the street after he broke loose from the leash during our walk. Those bricks in the yard must have broken loose from the chimney.
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break something loose from something

to loosen a part of something; to loosen and remove a part of something. The mechanic broke the strap loose from the tailpipe. The bracket was broken loose from the wall.
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break/cut/tear (something) ˈloose from somebody/something

separate yourself or somebody/something from a group of people or their influence, etc: The organization broke loose from its sponsors.He cut himself loose from his family.
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Summary: Cruise liner Carnival Triumph breaks loose from a dock in Alabama.
With enough stress, the cable breaks loose from the THOR 111, and the RF connector pulls apart from the cable.
On the one hand there is the anticipation of adventure when the last anchor breaks loose from the bottom and the boat is free, and on the other, the great feeling of accomplishment when the anchor goes down at destination...."
When polymer sticks and then breaks loose from metal surfaces in the die, melt pressure goes up and down.