break the/a record

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break the/a record

To do something to a higher or greater degree than the greatest extent currently known. With his speed, I think he'll break a record for running before he graduates from high school. If he eats one more hot dog he's going to break the record!
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break a record

to destroy a previously set high record by setting a new one. The athlete broke all the school records in swimming. The league record was broken after thirty years.
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break the record

1. Surpass a previous achievement, as in He was determined to break the record for the high jump. This usage is applied primarily to sports of various kinds. [1880s]
2. Move very fast, as in The lecture was so dull that we broke the record getting to the door: [Second half of 1900s]
See also: break, record
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5 million, breaking the record for any American artist.
WASHINGTON: Twenty years after breaking the record for consecutive games played, Cal Ripken, Jr.
After breaking the record, the 41-year-old said that he actually felt quite ok and the only time he felt troubled was before the dive but he gets into his zone once after diving underwater.
Since the event began last Monday, both squads have combined to score over 26,000 points and have survived fatigue and home sickness in hopes of breaking the record.
The 31-year-old clocked up a time of two hours, three minutes and 23 seconds, breaking the record set by compatriot Patrick Makau in the same race two years ago.
Manama: April 14 -- (BNA) Five members of the Bahrain Youth National Team for Power Athletics qualified to the World Championship slated to be organized in Ukraine in the period 10-14 July 2013 after breaking the record at various relay distances during the 14th GCC (male) Sprinters' Competitions and the 7th GCC Teenagers' Competitions concluded in the Qatari Capital, Doha a few days ago.
But a huge wave caused damage to their boat and sank their hopes of breaking the record.
The two openers dominated the day as they put on 374 for the first wicket against Sussex, breaking the record set 28 years ago by Alan Jones and Roy Fredericks against Northamptonshire at Swansea.
The last thing I'd have wanted to do would be to have another go at breaking the record.
Measuring two meters wide and 6 meters long, the bowl of Pasta weighed a whopping 4, 430 kilos breaking the record set by the U.
As a kid living on the streets of Tallaght it was always a dream to play for my country, but breaking the record is something special for me.
Construction employment rose for the 10th straight month, by 14,000 to 6,873,000, breaking the record set in March 2001.
I did it to raise money for Water Aid and didn't even realise I was in with a chance of breaking the record until I was about a third of the way through the trip.
2 million square miles of Eurasia were covered by snow, breaking the record of 7.